Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 Release Date, Plot, Recap and Spoilers (Where to Watch)

Ahiru No Sora Episode 39

Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 Release Date, Plot, Recap, and Spoilers: Ahiru No Sora has been getting a lot of popularity, maybe because of its genre, maybe because of its well-written characters, maybe because of its complex and well-paced story or maybe it is because no other sports anime is going on right about now. We will see how popular Ahiru No Sora will be after Haikyuu resumes, but that’s a different topic altogether.

Ahiru No Sora Episode 39

The thing is Ahiru No Sora has become a really famous anime right now and fans are enjoying it every bit. Ahiru No Sora might be different from other basketball anime like Kuroko No Basket as it provides a sense of realism to the people watching it. Let’s look at what happened in the previous episodes and what can happen in the upcoming episodes, that will keep you intrigued.

Ahiru No Sora Episode 38 Recap

We have come a long way from the first episode where no one on the basketball club wanted to play basketball to everyone being devoted to it. The last episode focuses on Madoka for a change and her relation with Momoharu. She is broken and her mind is wandering everywhere and because of that, she can not focus on her basketball training. Chiaki being the caring man he is, invites her to the party so that she can divert her mind and focus on the training.

Chiaki brought some more boys but Madoka decides that she needs to focus on basketball not on making boyfriends. Later when Madoka was returning to her home she realizes that she has lost the earring gifted to her by her sister. While she is busy searching for it boys from the party arrives there and help her find the earring. It was the end of the episode. The episode was basically focusing on Madoka’s distraught feelings and how will she surpass those feelings.

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Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 Release Date

Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 will be released on 15 July, 2020. A new episode is released every Wednesday if there is no delay in schedule.

Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 Spoilers And Predictions

A one minute preview has been released showing what will happen in the next episode.



The High School National Basketball playoffs finals have been started and the match between Yokohama Taiei High School Vs Shinmaruko High School is about to start. So get ready for some very good Volleyball action, It’s a final so we already know that the final is going to be throat to throat action or complete one-sided. Sora motivates Tokitaka and tells him to do his best om the court.

Shunmaruko High School looks in control of the match but a new player enters the court and the vibe is completely changed. The next episode is titled ‘Fight For Rock For Life’ and by that, we can safely assume that the match is going to be a points fest and really intense to watch.

Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episode of the show on Crunchyroll and HiDive as soon as they are released. We request you to use only legit sources to watch the episodes as it will help the creators.

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