Ahiru No Sora Episode 44 Release Date, Plot, Recap and Spoilers (Where to Watch)

Ahiru No Sora Episode 44 Release Date

Ahiru No Sora Episode 44 Release Date: We have been watching Kuzuryū High School losing for a whole year now and now it looks like that the season is going to end without a single win for the main team. Everything was going well until the last moment of this episode. But it will kind of realistic choice to make them lose. Now the manga reader might know what will happen in the future, but for the only anime watchers, we have watched a whole season of Ahiru No Sora without them winning and this season will probably end with the end of this match. But isn’t that great and different from other sports anime? The real character development comes after losing a match rather than winning it and we know that they will start winning eventually, we just have to wait for it and we know when they will win, it will be too sweet.

Ahiru No Sora Episode 43 Recap

Yokohama is still in lead against Kizuryu and is scoring sort of freely. Sora decides to use hi short height as an advantage to break through the Yokohama defense. Sora lied about his height to the opposition player at which he replies that he is going to suffer for lying. Natsume and Sora teams up, but Natsume dribbled past the whole defense alone and got himself two free throws. After the free throws, Sora told Nao that Natsume will handle the last 2 minutes of the first half. Kizuryu has found their rhythm in the game at last when all four main core players play some really good basketball to score a basket.

Timeout was taken and Nao told Mokichi to get ready and after the time out, Mokichi entered the game with Kizuryu still trailing. Mokichi scores twice in quick succession and with just few minutes left to the game the score is 35-31 in favor of Yokohama.


Ahiru No Sora Episode 44 Release Date

Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 will be released on 19 August, 2020. A new episode is released every Wednesday if there is no delay in schedule.

Ahiru No Sora Episode 44 Spoilers And Predictions

A one minute preview has been released showing what will happen in the next episode.


Everything was going well when Nao realizes that she lost the right time to sub-Mokichi off the court and it started a vicious chain of events. And that is what was addressed earlier that this vicious chain of events might result in Kizuryu High losing once again. This might lit a fire under all players and in next season we might see some really good plays from the team and they might win too, but as of now according to the preview, they are going to lose this match too.


Ahiru No Sora Episode 39 Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episode of the show on Crunchyroll and HiDive as soon as they are released. We request you to use only legit sources to watch the episodes as it will help the creators.

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