Albino Orangutan – Everything you need to know

Albino Orangutan

The world’s only known Albino Orangutan spotted alive in a Borneo Rainforest. Forest officers released her to the wild. After one year, they spotted her in Borneo Rainforest. Orangutans are great apes native to the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia.

Albino Orangutan – dead or alive?

Albino orangutan- everything you need to know


While they are currently found only in Borneo and Sumatra. They inhabited Southeast Asia and South China during the Pleistocene. Although they were originally considered one species, they have been divided into several general and subspecies over the years.

From 1996 they were divided into two species, The Bornean orangutans (P.tapanuliensis), was definitively identified. The orangutans are the only surviving species of the subfamily Ponginae, which split from the other hominids (gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans) between 19.3 to 15.7 million years ago.

Who is the only albino orangutan?

Her name is Alba. She is the only known Albino Orangutan in the world. Alba was released back in the wild in 2018.

Alba is a blue-eyed primate covered in fuzzy white hair, was taken in 2017 from a cage where she was kept as a pet by villagers in the village. Which was in Indonesia’s section Borneo, called Kalimantan. The Borneo Orangutan survival foundation said Alba was spotted it monitored three other orangutans who were recently released.

The alba is a rarity among rarities. the three species of orangutan exist only on the Indonesian island. These great apes are threatened primarily from habitat loss, as vast tracts of their native forest are being destroyed, Besides habitat loss because of the clearing of giant swaths of tropical forests for agriculture, orangutans are sometimes killed when their diminishing habitat brings them into contact with humans.

Is Alba the albino orangutan still alive?

Alba is rare among rarity among rarities. the three species of orangutan- Bornean, Sumatran and Tapanuli are also critically endangered today.

Alba, who was five years old at the time of her rescue, was sent to the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. She spent nearly two years under human supervision. It was a slow recovery- because she is Albino, Alba is susceptible to numerous health conditions, including poor vision and hearing and sensitivity to light – but she showed “excellent climbing and socialising skills,” according to BOSF. In December 2018, Alba and another rescued orangutan named KiKa were set free in Bukit BAKA Bukit Raya National park, a protected area that is playing an important role in the fight to save orangutans.

How many albino orangutans are there?

In their observations, the BOSF and the Bukit BAKA Bukit Raya officer continue to monitor orangutans after their release into the wild. According to their observations, Alba spent most of her time in feeding, travelling in the forest, and resting during her first year in the wild.

Albino orangutan-Everything you need to know


The head of the territory’s national park authority, Agung Nugroho, said the findings of his team indicated that Alba’s skills include extensive exploration, clever food gathering, and nest-building. She also socializes with other released orangutans in the national park. She also socializes with other released orangutans within the national park. But It was special to see Alba is crossing path with Unyu;

Nugroho says that Alba’s progress so far has been “truly positive.” However, they will continue to monitor her for the next three months to ensure that she thrives.

Alba was released after researchers with the BOSF Foundation and the local Natural Resources Conservation Agency considered whether she could thrive in the wild. They feared other Orangutans might not accept her, but that fear looks unfounded now.

” Alba has no inferiority complex, as we imagined before. She is very confid.

 Compared to other Alba Orangutans.”- veterinarian Agus Fathoni,”I think the real threat actually comes from humans. What we are worried about is poaching where this very special condition makes her a target,”

After Alba recovered in captivity, a special bond grew between the ape and KiKa, an older rescued Orangutan who has displayed wild behaviors and has a dislike of people since the beginning of his recovery.”

The pair were freed in Bukit BAKA Bukit Raya National Park; within minutes, both of them had climbed in the trees.KiKa ” burst out of her cage the second it was opened and reached for a small tree close by. She then swung to a larger one, and quickly climbed higher and higher,” the foundation said in an update on Friday.


According to the foundation, Alba stepped out of her cage cautiously and “absorbed her new surroundings,” but moved away quickly from humans once she realized they were present.

There she “brachiated for a while, showing us her familiarity within a wild environment,” the foundation said. In case you have forgotten, brachiating is the term for swinging from branch to branch by the arms.

Since her release, Alba has stayed in the forest canopy, often at a height of at least 35 meters (115 feet). For the next six months, the foundation’s staff will watch Alba in “nest-to-nest monitoring ” that will cover her daytime activities. And while she was expected to cope well with returning to the forest among other Orangutans, Alba’s caregivers say her condition made her a special case..

In addition to the symptoms of Albinism- namely the lack of pigment in hair and skin – the condition could lead to health complications such as hearing loss, poor vision, and skin cancer, which makes her more susceptible to hunting or predation,” the foundation said earlier this year.

16 hours of travel were required of the rescued Orangutans before they could be released into the forest. They were seated and placed into green cages. The foundation’s staff then transported them via trucks through muddy trails, followed by a four-hour boat ride. workers slid pieces of fresh fruit through the bars to provide road snacks along the way.

Alba was contemplating being released onto a forest island surrounded by canals in June. But the plan was shelved in favour of returning her to an area that’s more similar to her natural habitat.

Alba spent most of her life in central Kalimantan, where Governor Sugianto Sabran applauded the orangutans’ release. He said the special Orangutan is now an icon of his province.

The International Union deems Boothe the Bornean Orangutan and the Sumatran orangutan “critically endangered” for Conservation of Nature”.The Bos Foundation says it has released 114 orangutans into the wild in the same national forest where Alba and KiKa now live.



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