Alex Jones Net Worth – How Much Is he Worth?

Alex Jones Net Worth - How Much Is he Worth?

In this article, we have covered Alex Jones Net Worth, bio, career, and more. So, let’s delve further to learn more about it.

Alex Jones- Net Worth

Alex Jones’s net worth has been estimated at around $25 Million. He earns a whopping amount with his radio show channel. It was estimated that he earns $70 million yearly via InfoWars and many other products the company peddles together, such as health supplements and books.

Alex Jones- Biography

Alex Jones (Alexander Emerick Jones), an American-far right, alt-right radio show host and a well-known conspiracy theorist, was born on February 11, 1974, in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. He was brought up in the suburb of Rockwall. Alex’s father was a dentist, whereas his mother was a homemaker. When he was in high school, his parents and he shifted to Austin, Texas.

Alex Jones

After shifting to Texas, he enrolled in Anderson High school, where he completed his graduation in the year 1993 and was also fond of football, so he played football there too. He enrolled in the Austin Community College before he backed out of the college, as he spent most of his time reading conservative journalism and conspiracy theories. 

Alex Jones- Career

Alex Jones is a prominent conspiracy theorist and hosts a well-known show, The Alex Jones, from Austin, Texas, which broadcasts on the Genesis Communications Network and shortwave radio station WWCR all over the United States and online too. Besides, he is the founder of InfoWars.

Alex Jones

He rose to fame when he blamed the government of the United States for being a part of the Oklahoma City bombing, for recording the fake moon landings to conceal the secret technology of NASA, and for the September 11 attack, which is also known as 9/11 took place in the year 2001 executed by the militant Islamic extremist network al-Qaeda against the United States of America.

He also asserted that many governments, big businesses, and entrepreneurs have conspired to create a “New World Order” via “manufactured economic crises, sophisticated surveillance tech, and- above all inside- ob terror attacks that fuel exploitable hysteria.” 


Jones depicts himself as a libertarian and paleoconservative. Other conservatives have described him as a far-right conservative. He has been described as “America’s leading conspiracy theorist” by New York magazine, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has described him as “the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America.” When Alex Jones was asked what he thought about the title he was given so, in response, he said that he was “proud to be listed as a thought criminal against Big Brother.”


Alex Jones is the director and publisher of the fake news website named InfoWars, which is responsible for fostering conspiracy theories. It was founded by Alex and his ex-wife Kelly Jones in the year 1999 and works under Free Speech Systems LLC.


It received more fame in November 2016; the public started giving preference, viewing it, and receiving 10 million visits, which made it more considerable than other mainstream news outlets such as The Economist and Newsweek. Prison Planet is another website that Alex Jones owns. The InfoWars was endorsed and supported by bots connected to Russia’s government. 

Mike Crevonich, a well-known alt-right social media influencer, political commentator, and conspiracy theorist, joined the InfoWars team as a guest for Alex Jones’ show, with CNN reporting the “elevation to InfoWars host represents the meteoric rise in his profile.” 

Jones has always been famous for his controversial statements, and due to this, his official Facebook page was suspended from the site for thirty days. It claimed that he participated in the hate speech against Robert Mueller, an American Lawyer and a government official.

They worked as the sixth director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 2001 to 2013. Not only this, he was removed from other social media such as Apple, Spotify, and YouTube for not following their policy. YouTube removed all the content related to Infowars and The Alex Jones Show, which had gained 2.4 million subscribers before YouTube removed its content.

The Alex Jones Show

Alex worked at KJFK-FM before he founded his show, The Alex Jones show, but he was fired from the KJFK-FM show, so he decided to start his own. Alex was alleged by a group of Austin Community Access Center (ACAC) radio hosts; they asserted that he had used legitimate activities and ACAC policy so he could remove their show to get broadcast. Alex Jones’ show also gained fame in 2001 as it was broadcasted on nearly 100 stations which was a big achievement for Alex.

Jones stated on his show on September 11, 2001, when the U.S.A became the victim of the 9/11 attack. Alex Jones said, “98 percent chance this was a government-controlled bombing.” After the incident took place, he started supporting the theory that George W. Bush, who was the 43rd President of America, and his administration were behind this attack. After his claims, he and his shows were removed by many stations, and along with that, he became the notable figure of the “9/11” truther cause. 

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Personal Life

Alex Jones was married to Kelly Jones, but the couple parted ways in March 2015. The couple has three children, and after the divorce, Kelly Jones filed the case in court for her children’s custody because of her husband, Alex Jones’ behavior. She asserted that Alex Jones was not a stable person, and she was concerned that he was involved in felonious behavior, threatening Adam Schiff, a member of Congress.

Alex wife

His attorney also claimed that he was a playing character and depicted him as a “Performance Artist.” Currently, Jones is married to Erika Wulff Jones, the couple tied the knot in the year 2017, and the couple has one child. Erika Wulff Jones is the founder of New Yoga. In her Linkedin Profile, she said that they believed that Yoga was for everyone, no matter what their age or ability level. Her Yoga studio is located in Austin, Texas, and she has completed 500 hours of Registered Yoga Teacher training courses so she could create her yoga studio.

Erika and Alex

In 2021, on the occasion of Christmas Eve, she got arrested on a domestic violence charge. During her arrest, Alex Jones, her husband, said to The Association Press, “I love my wife and care about her, and it appears to be some kind of medication imbalance.” She likes to keep her life private, away from the social media limelight. Earlier she was married to Kelly Rebecca. Their married life lasted for 8 years. i.e., 2007 to 2015. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Alex Jones Worth?

Alex Jones’s net worth has been estimated at around $2.5 Million.

How old is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones is currently 48 years old. He celebrates his birthday on February 11 every year. 

How tall is Alex Jones?

Alex Jones stands at the height of 1.78 meters. 


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