All About Animal Liberation Conference 2021

All About Animal Liberation Conference 2021

The Covid pandemic and climate emergency have shown us how destructive animal exploitation is for all animals – including humans. Now, as we come out of this dark time, our actions can shine brighter than ever before and we must not miss this opportunity. Animals play a huge role in maintaining this Earth and they are as crucial as humans.

The Animal Liberation Conference brings together the most dedicated animal rights activists from around the world and empowers them to take bold, collective action to achieve revolutionary social and political change for animals. We are racing against time to save the animals, this planet, and ourselves. 

Animal Liberation Conference 2021

This is our chance to bring our vision to life, creating a new, post-pandemic future where all beings and our planet are treated with respect. This way we can do our part for the Earth and its environment. Hundreds of people will unite together to confront the animal agriculture industry, rescue animals from certain death, and show the world that a new future is on the horizon. All are welcome, including those new to activism or animal rights. 

Perks of Animal Liberation Conference 2021

1)Nonviolent Direct Action

Protest, educate, and rescue animals in the tradition of nonviolent direct action. This year’s conference will have a total of four groundbreaking actions, including the Animal Liberation March in San Francisco!

2)Workshops, Lectures, & Training

Learn from leaders in the animal rights movement and beyond, including multiple panel discussions, training for the revolution, and keynote speakers.

3)Community Building & Networking

Connect with hundreds of some of the most ambitious activists from all over the world, enjoy plant-based food trucks, play games, and join the dance party.

Date, Time, and Venue of Animal Liberation Conference 2021


Friday, September 24


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Event Type



Direct Action Everywhere


Various locations across the Bay Area – venues TBA.


Speakers at Animal Liberation Conference 2021

1)Chelsea Manning

This year’s keynote speaker will be Chelsea Manning, the world-renowned whistleblower who released shocking, classified information about US war crimes. Chelsea spent 7 years in prison and inspired millions with her bravery. She is one of the most famous whistleblowers in US history.

2)Carroll Fife

Carroll Fife is an executive director, Oakland Council member, community leader, and fearless freedom fighter.

3)Evan Wolfson

Evan Wolfson is the founder of Freedom to Marry. He is widely considered the architect of the movement that led to a nationwide victory for gay marriage in 2015.

Register for the Animal Liberation Conference

You can register on

The registration fee is $65 for the first day only. It will then increase to $75.

Schedule of the Animal Liberation Conference

Day 1

September 24

ALC Kickoff- Plant-based popup, community building, networking and more

Day 2

September 25

Keynote Speaker- Chelsea Manning

Animal Liberation March in San Francisco

Grassroots Leaders from Across the World; Panel Discussion

Hangout, plant-based food trucks and parties!

Day 3

September 26

Training for the Revolution- Investigations, pressure campaigns, civil disobedience, leadership and more!

Total Liberation: Panel Discussion

Evening Games: Make new friends and hang out

Day 4

September 27

Animals in the Courtroom: Panel Discussion

Training of the Revolution: Preparing for mass actions

Day 5-7

September 28-30

Take Mass Action for Animals

Where Do We Go From Here: Closing Ceremony and talks

More about the Animal Liberation Conference

We encourage kids to attend any sessions or events they are interested in going to! We will also have childcare available.

This is the 7th year of the Conference and the 3rd year after being rebranded as the Animal Liberation Conference. Before that, the conference was called the DxE Forum.

Once you register, you will receive periodic emails with updates.

The conference takes place mainly in Berkeley, California. There are a number of hotels and Air BnB’s available locally, as well as in other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have friends coming, you may want to look at organizing a group Air BnB.

We strive to make all our events accessible where possible. Please email info at with specific accessibility requests or inquiries.

All participants are expected to follow the DxE code of conduct, which can be viewed at

We will be following all city and state guidelines relating to Covid-19 safety.

You can attend the whole conference or come and go in between.

Animal Liberation Conference’s Instagram

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