All About Justice for J6 rally at Florida

All About Justice for J6 rally at Florida

The Justice for J6 rally, organized by former Trump campaign operative Matt Braynard and his organization Look Ahead America, is anticipated to take place on Saturday. The rally is an attempt to push Justice Department officials to drop charges against the more than 600 people charged in connection with January’s violent Capitol insurrection.

Details of the event

Time and date of the event

Saturday, September 18, 12:00pm EST – 1:15pm EST


Union Square, located between 1st and 3rd Streets NW/SW

Cause of the January 6 riot

The violence that occurred at the Capitol in January came after a “Save America” rally that began near the White House. Rally goers were there to protest the counting and certification of Electoral College ballots that named Joe Biden the next president of the United States.

After President Donald Trump spoke to the rally attendees, most of the group moved on to the Capitol and began a protest there that led to the storming of the building, broken windows and doors, and brawls with police. One woman at the protest was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer and four others died of natural causes.

A police officer died the next day, and since then four officers who were at the Capitol that day have taken their own lives.

Some people condemned the January 6 deadly attack on the left-wing Antifa antagonist at the US Capitol. Next, a comparison was made between rioters, peaceful protesters, and even tourists.

Former President Donald Trump’s allies now call those accused of the Capitol riots “political prisoners” and an amazing effort to revise the story of that deadly day.

The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was led by far-right extremists — many of them armed and screaming threats of violence determined to disrupt U.S. representatives and senators as they put the finishing touches on the presidency of Donald Trump.

The extremists, along with thousands of other Trump loyalists, had come to D.C. to support the president in his final days in office. After a high-energy rally at the White House — where Trump urged them to march on Capitol Hill and Rudy Giuliani called for them to use “trial by combat” — they did just that.

Rules for the rally

Travel in groups.

Be respectful to our security team and law enforcement.

Do not wear or bring political, candidate, or another organization’s paraphernalia. This includes clothing or banners supportive of President Trump or President Biden.

Do wear your red, white, and blue and bring your American flag and signs to show your support of the J6 prisoners.

If you see anyone causing trouble, start recording them with your cell phone video and signal for help to an LAA Volunteer (in the red LAA T-shirts)

Brave rhetoric ahead of a rally scheduled at the Houses of Parliament on Saturday is the latest attempt to explain a horrific attack and obscure what happened around the world: a mob loyal to the then-president builds a building. To attack, fight police, and stop Congress from proving Democratic Joe Biden’s elections.

As Trump is openly considering another election for the White House, many Republicans who have joined his efforts to challenge Biden’s victory still make his false claim that the election is fraudulent. Despite the repercussions, it’s moving away from Saturday’s rally-by Trump’s allies who failed to confirm their allegations despite numerous lawsuits.

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