News - USA - All you need to know about Mike Lindell’s Renewal event!

All you need to know about Mike Lindell’s Renewal event!

This “not a political event” will occur on January 8, 2022. Many speakers will gather at the strawberry festival Amphitheater in Plant City, Florida.


According to the press release, this event focuses on renewing the age-old American Covenant made with God.

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What is “The Renewal?”

The renewal is a day filled with heritage, history, faith, praise, and worship. There will be speakers from different fields like entertainment, military, politics, will speak about faith and God.

The importance of America’s Covenant with God will be discussed while the top singers will indulge in worship.

The keynote speaker for the event will be Carter Conlon, a General Overseer at Times Square Church. He will convey an important global message.

To spread the significance of the covenant, this event will telecast on national television. 

According to the hosts of this event, renewal is the need of the hour. The official site says, “The Renewal is a spiritual solution to the current state of affairs in our land. Recovenanting and reconciliation combine to be the next Biblical step in the five-step renewal process (Repentance, Reconciliation, Restoration, Revival, Reformation) for the faithful remnant to usher in the mercy of our Lord.”

Also, there will be a color guard marching band performing at the event.

Earlier, on September 26, 2020, The Return: National and Global Days of Prayer and Repentance happened. 

According to a biblical template, The Renewal is the next step after The Return. Kevin Jessip, President at Global Strategic Alliance inc. Said, “The Renewal is about restoring our covenant with God,” adding, “It started with The Return with repentance, now we’re going through reconciliation and restoration, which is renewing the covenant we broke with Almighty God. In The Renewal, we are saying, ‘Lord, have mercy on us amid the redemptive judgments happening.'”

Mike Lindell at The Renewal event

The My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell, is among the speakers at the event. Also, his company My Pillow is a partner company to hold the event. Other partners include Operation Restores Warrior, National Christian Foundation, Epoch Times, etc. 

How to Buy Tickets for “The Renewal?”

The Renewal event will take place in Florida on January 8, 2020.

Whoever wants to watch the event life can buy the tickets from the below link:

The event will also be live telecasted and simulcast to all the


Timing of the Renewal event

The Renewal event will take place from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Eastern Time. The event will be co-hosted by Defending the Republic and Global.

Strategic Alliance inc. 

Paul Pickering, Hon. Louie Gohmert, Hon. Michele Bachmann, Paul Lavelle, historian Bill Federer, Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin will be the speakers at the event, among many others.

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  • Anybody notice the (interment flag) displayed in the bookcase behind Mike Lindell in his My Pillow commercial. Can anybody explain this or is this an example of someone taking advantage of the real losses experienced by our heroic soldiers and their families???

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