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Rumble is a video-sharing app similar to YouTube that Trump supporters flock towards after jumping ship from Facebook and Twitter. Rumble has seen a massive surge in user growth after Biden won the US presidential elections in 2020. 

Creator of Rumble

Rumble is the brainchild of Chris Pavlovski, a Canadian tech entrepreneur who worked a brief internship at Microsoft and founded a viral joke website before launching Rumble in 2013.

CEO of Rumble

Ashley Camerini, a Harvard University alumnus, is the current CEO of Rumble.

She has been working with Rumble for four and half years now and was appointed CEO in July 2020.

What makes the Rumble social media appealing?

After Biden won the presidential elections for 2020, conservatives had some of their content demonetized on YouTube. This was why they moved over to the Rumble app, as it makes it much easier for video content creators to make money as the service is not limited to advertisement-based revenue for content creators. 

According to a report by TechTimes, a video is likely to earn its creator up to 90% of what the video makes on YouTube as well as an additional 60% of what it makes through other partners; should the video get licensed by one of Rumble’s partners such as MTV, Xbox, Yahoo or MSN. While it is doubtful that brands will license anything politically insensitive, there are numerous ways to earn on the app. For example, if a video makes it to the front page of Rumble, creators get $100 for each pop-up.

A big part of Rumble’s appeal to video content creators is that it does not filter its content as much as YouTube. Therefore, many content creators find Rumble to be a “free speech friendly” app. 

Revenue and other fixed payments depend on how much ownership of their content the creator is willing to give up.

Recent growth

The site’s chief executive, Chris Pavlovski, said that Rumble has grown from one million active users last summer to roughly 30 million. In a tweet dated November 11, 2020, Chris Pavlovski boldly stated, “Every media and news organization needs to take notice! I can confirm that Parler is sending Rumble more referral traffic than Facebook and Twitter combined for the first time. Dependency on them is now a thing of the past. Next up, Rumble will dethrone YouTube.”

The path forward for Rumble

Whether or not the Rumble boom lasts remains to be seen. The hatred of Trump supporters coupled with persecution by traditional social networks has led them to seek alternative outlets to freely express what they perceive as the truth of the matter.

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