America covered in fog of questions fading from the White House


America covered in fog of questions fading from the White House: Donald Trump did not fit into the US presidential firm from anywhere. Throughout the tenure, there was an effort to set him in this, but Trump, who was stubborn and obstinate, not only rejected every such attempt, but he wanted to change these firms accordingly.

In fact, the US did not want a president to throw out all the standard masks, so there were many people who wished to Donald Trump to fall out of the White House. He continued to view Trump as an attacker on American values ​​and divisive.

The kind of aggressive attitude that a particular intellectual class of America adopted regarding Trump was shocking. It is true that most of these were Democrats, yet many fair voices were also involved in this protest.

The three-time Pulitzer winner Thomas L. Freedman wrote such articles as shocking against Trump, but it isn’t easy to imagine in the context of India.

It is also true that not only the voters in America but also the entire media is clearly divided in Republic and Democrats. Except for the significant issues of national interest, this inclination is clearly visible. Since 2000, the states have also been identified as blue (Democrat) and red (Republic).

However, it has now been decided that Joseph R. Biden Jr. means Joe Biden will be the 46th President of America. The color of the White House will now be blue for the next four years. It is also true that the White House has never really been white in America. It will be either blue or red. It depends on who the President is and how he wants to run the country.

The same problem happened in America during Donald Trump’s tenure. The White House was neither red nor blue. There was actually a kind of fog over the White House. Trump’s attitude on essential issues was shocking. 

His statements were astonishing. After all, how can an American president sit in such a dignified position and do such things? However, it is also true that the faster the anti-Trump prepared, the more support he received within the US.

It is not that the whole of America stood up against Trump. This is also proved by the fact that the success that Biden achieved is not one-sided, the blue wave that was being talked about was not as bright. 

Had this happened, one would not have to wait for four days for the results. If Pennsylvania did not fall in Biden’s bag at the last moment, it could have punched the screw.

Democrats do not lag behind in the Senate even after winning the electoral vote and reaching the White House. Trump alone does not contribute to this. 

Protestant Republicans are also involved, so as the newly elected President, Biden had to clearly state that he is the President of all Americans – even those who did not vote for him.

Biden and his team knew that the road was difficult, which is why a tremendous array was created. His entire emphasis was on Trump’s removal. And Trump, who had a gritty eye, all came together. The campaign was successful, and Biden received over seven crore votes. He broke Barack Obama’s record. 

He received the most votes as an elected president in American history. But the point is that Trump also got the most votes as a losing president, which means that those who like them are not less.

Kamala Harris was made the vice-presidential candidate for Trump’s Bharat Prem (different pretence or truth). She is Kamala Harris, who was once a staunch opponent of Biden. It was the politics of vote that underlined Kamala Harris’s Indian origin so vocally—attempted to add old strings.

In the last four years, Trump has shaken America’s fabric. He also tried to pull the dirt out of society instead of pushing the dirt under the carpet and shining it up in American society. In this attempt, he himself stole his hand. The failure to deal with Corona has also completed the task.

So with the removal of red from the White House to blue, there is an effort to sort out the haze that dominated Donald Trump’s entire term. However, even after this haze has been eradicated, there are many questions about America’s customs that will fog the White House, until the Biden-Harris pair very clearly state that they exist in the US How to deal with the distinction? 

How will they respond to the challenge of Corona? How to get the economy back on track? How will there be relations with India? What will be the trend regarding China? It is to be hoped that this fog of questions will also fade over time.

Currently, Trump has become the fourth US President in a hundred years who did not get a second term. Joe Biden, who became the youngest senator, is going to become America’s oldest president, and Kamala Harris, the first female vice-president.

The election of Kamala Harris, the black vaccine that the US had put on the white spear of the West by electing Barack Obama as the President, has done the work of that white face. Hope it gets thicker ..!

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