10 Best Anime Like My Hero Academia- What to Watch Next?

My Hero Academia Season 5

My Hero Academia is one of the most famous shounen anime of recent times. Fans really loved the anime and were head over heels over it. Shounen anime as a genre is the most popular genre of anime and with the next season of My Hero Academia we are here for you with a list of similar anime that you can watch and enjoy while waiting for the next season.

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Anime Like My Hero Academia

  1. Naruto: Naruto is first on the list because Masashi Kishimoto(Naruto manga writer) himself said that My Hero Academia is the Next Naruto. What else do you need when one of the best writers in the world himself have approved of the anime. Naruto might be a really long anime in terms of episodes but it is one of the best out there and if you start it somehow, you won’t be able to stop.Naruto
  2. Assassination Classroom: Koro-Sensei is the best teacher in the world. If you have watched the Assassination Classroom, you know what I am talking about. This anime has a similar type of setting as My Hero Academia as it is also set up in a class where all the students have the same goal to assassinate their teacher. Just give it a try and it won’t be as weird as it sounds, because it is a really good watch.Assasination Classroon
  3. Hunter X Hunter: This anime is really a masterpiece. With every single scene meaning something. There is not a single wasteful moment in this show and it is so well written that at the end you wouldn’t really know who to support. It is a hell of an anime and you should really watch it.Hunter X Hunter
  4. Little Witch Academia: Just like the name both anime are also similar in many sense. Heroes are replaced by witches and our main protagonist also dreams of becoming a witch but doesn’t have any power to start with. But this anime has a really different plot also and it is a decent watch if you want to watch it.little witch academia
  5. Blue Exorcist: Another My Hero Academia like setting where students go to school to become exorcists to defeat the satan. With great animation and a good theme, you can watch this anime without giving a second thought to it.blue exorcist
  6. One-Punch Man: It is set up in a world where heroes are ranked. Sound similar? Yes, that point of the anime is the same but other than that it is a different anime and above that, it is one of the best out there. Amazing action scenes, Strong Villains, and unlike My Hero Academia an overpowered main hero. But it will still give you somewhat of My Hero Academia vibes if you want to watch it.One Punch Man Chapter 133
  7. Black Clover: Black Clover is an underdog story, where our main protagonist has no actual powers and wants to become the greatest. My Hero Academia has quite similarities in the term of themes but Black Clover is one hell of an anime, the only thing that is keeping it from being one of the best is its mediocre animation quality, but if you can get over that, go watch this anime.Black Clover Episode 134
  8. Mob Psycho 100: This is one of my favorite anime out there. The second season of this anime had one of the best character development I have ever seen. Mob Psycho 100 also features an overpowered hero but he doesn’t quite understand his powers. Altogether you all should definitely watch this one no matter what. mob psycho 100
  9. Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Another anime with physically weak Main Character but unlike Deku, he doesn’t want to be at the top. So the plot point of this one is really interesting and with amazing action and great comedy scenes, it is a really fun show to watch.katekyo hitman reborn
  10. One Piece: One Piece is regarded as the best anime of all time and the way anime is going right now we can’t deny it. Surely, One Piece is a commitment as it has almost 1000 episodes and the end of the anime is nowhere in sight. So if you want to start it be ready for a roller coaster of a ride, as the anime is emotional, too funny, and with amazing action.One Piece Episode 932

Some Honorable Mentions:

  • Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure
  • Food Wars!
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
  • The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Kill La Kill

Your favorite anime or the anime you might be hoping to see here might not be here because we can’t really involve every anime in this limited list. But, if you think we somehow forgot to enlist your favorite anime in this list, be sure to let us know down below.

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