Anna Sorokin – Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Interview, Net Worth

Anna Sorokin - Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Interview, Net Worth

Anna Sorokin was born Anna Vadimovna Sorokina in a middle-class Russian family. The woman is known for being a fraudster and con artist. She was arrested in 2017 and has had a documentary made on her life as well.

Let’s take a look at the life of Anna Sorokin, and how she became a con artist. We will also explore other information regarding Anna Sorokin and what is she up to now. Do you wish to know more details? Read on to find out Anna Sorokin’s Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Interview, Net Worth, and more.

Anna Sorokin – Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Interview, Net Worth

Who is Anna Sorokin?

Anna Sorokin

Anna Sorokin was born in Russia, but she is German and lived a pretty normal life in her early years. She later shifted to Germany with her family in her teens. Even though Anna belonged from a seemingly middle-class family, she heavily followed the glamor lifestyle

She graduated from a heavily Catholic school and then moved to London in 2011. It is speculated that Anna’s fascination with fashion magazines like Vogue and fashion blogs instigated her to earn more money. She went to university for art, but later dropped out and started working at a public relations company.

Sorokin continued to work for a fashion magazine, during the early 2010s. She gradually got isolated from her parents and started using a new surname claiming it to be her mother’s maiden name. Sorokin’s fraudulent activities started around 2013 as she opted to take on a new identity. Read on to know more about Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Interview, Net Worth and more.

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Anna Sorokin’s Net Worth

Anna Sorokin Net Worth

Even though Anna Sorokin pretended to have a net worth of more than a whopping 60 million USD, her current net worth is nowhere near that. Currently, Anna Delvey’s net worth is somewhere around 5-6 million USD. The famous trickster is still using her fraudulent ways to make money by selling her story and shows no remorse for her actions.

Surprisingly, Anna manages to earn approximately half a million dollars every month, while working from the prison.

Anna Sorokin Interview and documentary

Anna Sorokin firstly made a deal with Netflix but was forced to use that money to pay her restitution fees. There has been a book written by Rachel Williams titled My Friend Anna that covers her experiences with the con artist.

Netflix documentary

Anna had also agreed to appear in a reality TV show and plans to write a book and start her podcast about her prison experiences. There have been multiple documentaries and news episodes that covered Anna Sorokin’s story as well.

A Netflix documentary titled Inventing Anna was released in 2022. There has also been another documentary podcast titled Fake Heiress as well. There has also been a stage play called Anna X which took inspiration from Anna’s activities to create an interesting drama.

Anna Sorokin Boyfriend

Even though the identity of Anna Sorokin’s boyfriend is unknown, it is well-known that she had a boyfriend for about two years. Anna’s boyfriend eventually shifted to UAE, and she has also tried to publicize her boyfriend’s identity as well.

Anna Sorokin Boyfriend

Anna stated to the media that her boyfriend was a well-known personality, and she would sell his information for monetary compensation. She even started an auction for the same, with an initial bid of 10,000 USD.

What Are her crimes?

Anna Sorokin started her con activities when she started using her fake name “Anna Delvey”. She first chose to transfer to Paris while working for Purple and came up with the plan to start a private art club and foundation. She intended to seek funding but failed to do so since her plan included renting a huge building.

Later Anna pretended to be a wealthy heiress and tried to make friends with rich people. She continued to pretend about her wealthy lifestyle. Anna eventually befriended an art collector in 2015, named Michael Huang. He stayed in touch with Anna for more than a year and noticed her suspicious behavior throughout their meetings.

Later Huang cut ties with Anna in 2016, while Anna moved on the make friends with a photo editor in Vanity Fair named Rachel. Rachel stayed in touch with Sorokin continuously and helped with her arrest also.

What Are her crimes?

Anna Sorokin faked bank statements and even submitted forged Swiss bank statements to get a loan worth 22 million USD. She almost successfully managed to get a loan after she used fake identities to portray her business manager. Even though Sorokin’s loan was not approved, she succeeded in getting a hundred thousand USD.

Anna continued with her forgery activities, as she proceeded to spend lavishly on herself while being unable to pay her debt. She also had fraudulent cheques in multiple banks, which painted her as a target.

However, she came under fire after she planned a trip to MorDid Sorokin Spend In Jail?

occo with her friends. Anna claimed to pay for the trip, but her cards were declined. One of the women attending with her had to pay for the huge amount by herself, under the promise that she will be reimbursed later. This incident made the people closest to Anna realize that she was committing fraud, as her parents’ identities seemed made up as well.

How Long

Due to her multiple loan applications, and lack of proper documents, Anna was already being investigated. The incident with her friends made it as clear as day that she was not who she claimed to be. Anna had multiple unsettled payments by the end of 2017, and she also had many investigations going on her for a multitude of bank fraud cases.

How Long Did Sorokin Spend In Jail? 

Anna Sorokin was arrested in October 2017, and this arrest was a part of a sting operation that was facilitated by Rachel Williams who was fooled by Anna. Anna Sorokin was convicted for two accounts of first-degree larceny, three accounts of second-degree larceny, one third-degree larceny account, as well as multiple accounts of theft, bank fraud, and check fraud. She was also held accountable for all the unsettled bills in multiple restaurants and hotels.

She was convicted of larceny and theft charges and was stated a minimum of 4 years in prison, with a maximum of 12 years. She was also fined 24,000 USD and was ordered to pay back 350,000 USD to all the banks and businesses she has conned. Anna Sorokin was finally released in 2021 on parole but was arrested soon after for breaking her visa restrictions.

Where is she now?

Currently, Anna Sorokin is still in prison, however, she has made a huge amount of money from her documentary deal with Netflix. This supposed deal had also helped her in paying off her fine, and debt.

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