AOC First Democrat to Indicate ‘NO’ Vote on Debt Bill

AOC first Democrat to indicate 'no' vote on debt bill

U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden reached the debt ceiling agreement after tough negotiations between the two parties on Saturday.

The debt ceiling consensus is pending in Congress, awaiting approval from both chambers. Many Republicans and Democrats have expressed disagreement over the bill, and New York’s AOC has become the first Democrat to say ‘no’ to the debt ceiling bill.

Let’s see what the Democrat politician says expressing her concerns over the bill.

AOC First Democrat To Indicate ‘No’ Vote On Debt Bill

New York’s 14th congressional district representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), became the first Democrat to indicate a ‘no’ vote against the debt ceiling on Tuesday.

When asked how she felt about the bill, she replied, “I am a no.”

The Democrat lady also indicated her refusal of the debt ceiling bill earlier this month and said, “My red line has already been surpassed. I mean, where do we start? The clean debt ceiling, work requirements, cuts to programs, I would never vote for that, never.”

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While denying the approval of the debt ceiling bill in Congress, AOC also asserted that she believes other progressive Democrats would follow her and probably oppose the bill.

The New York representative mainly criticized the debt ceiling agreement for proposing a reduction of funds for social services and increased work requirements for SNAP-benefiting people. She also accused Republicans of holding the economy hostage.”

Besides AOC, several democrats are unhappy over the bill’s provision for social security fund reduction.

AOC also targeted McCarthy, insisting he gathered enough votes for his bill, and said, “I appreciate coming together to avoid default, but I also think it is very important that Kevin McCarthy, this is his deal. He still needs to own it, and he needs to get votes for it.”

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Twitter

She expressed a similar opinion last week via Twitter and posted,” Why would anyone act like Kevin McCarthy has votes right now? He has not done the work; he does not have the votes for his current proposal in the Senate. He needs the votes in the House and does not even have the votes in ‘his own party,’ and the GOP are starting to feel that.”

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The Republicans introduced the debt ceiling bill last month to reduce federal government spending on several sectors. It has become a major subject of debate in Congress, and the voting for the bill was initiated after Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen notified that the U.S. could raise the debt ceiling until June 5 to avoid a default, which would, as presumed by economists, could destroy the economy.

Amid the discussion, the debt ceiling bill’s fate is not yet certain.

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