Attack On Titan Chapter 132 Release Date, Plot, Recap, Spoilers: Where & When To Watch?

Attack On Titan Chapter 132 Release Date

Attack On Titan Chapter 132 Release Date, Plot, Recap, Spoilers, and Other Details: What an amazing chapter it was. It was full of drama. With every chapter Attack On Titans is getting more and more intense. Everyone who thought that Eren is going to do something good for humanity can only look at what just happened and scratch their heads and that includes me too. The last chapter was dramatic, emotional and was a kind of attack to the fans. Iseyama made sure that fans should not be left with any hope after this chapter and guess what it really happened.

Attack On Titan Chapter 131 Recap

The chapter started with two random boys Halil and Ramzi and they were hiding some coins in a bag which was buried. Halil told Ramzi that they should not steal but Ramzi said that he wants to take everyone out of the tent they are living in and can live peacefully in the winter season. Suddenly, they see people from the town running and all of them are scared. They go towards the village and notice that the ground is shaking. Everyone is crying and very huge flock of birds are just flying over their head, this is rumbling.

Cut to a flashback of Eren, where he is saying that he will massacre everyone someday. He will kill every single human being. Just like Paradis Island did not survive everything here will also be lost. He thinks that the difference in the number of people on the island and the number of people outside is very large and if Eldians are to be extinct, the problem of titans will be over, but he can not agree on the outcome. He saw Ramzi just there while he was walking and tradesmen were beating him because Ramzi was stealing and Eren saved him and starts crying and apologized to him he was not able to change the future.

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Back to the present, and Rumbling is in full effect, townspeople are running and they were vacating towards the mountain, but Titans were already there. Now, some beautiful panels by Iseyama where we see the same flashback where Eren is apologizing and at present where Halil and Ramzi are running but they are behind everyone because they went for the bag of gold. Eren is telling Ramzi that when he gets to know that humanity lived outside the walls he was disappointed and wanted everything to just disappear. And at present both Halil and Ramzi are crushed by the titans.

Another Flashback where Eren and Armin are talking and Eren told Armin that everyone who lives outside the walls must be really free. And cut to present Armin is standing on a boat and Annie asks him if his wounds are fine now. They both have a deep talk, where Annie thanked Armin for being by her side and Armin somewhat confesses his feeling for her. Annie told Armin that it will be useless to talk to Eren now, and Armin says that the world outside is different from what we thought, but there is still so much we have not seen yet and I want to see it together with Eren.

Attack On Titan Chapter 132 Release Date

The next chapter of Attack On Titan will be out in October as announced on the last page of Chapter 131. No specific date has been revealed, but we will update you as soon as we get the information.

Attack On Titan Chapter 132 Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter on Crunchyroll, Comixology, and Amazon. We advise you to use only legal websites to read that manga as it will promote the creators.

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