Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Release Date, Plot, Recap, Trailer, Spoilers: Where To Read?

Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Release Date

Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Release Date: We are really going to get a depressing poetic ending to Attack On Titan manga. The intensity of the chapter is given. The manga has reached a point where if we don’t get a new revelation in every chapter it will feel out of place. It was another really sad chapter which really hits all the emotional gland. Attack On Titan characters right now is even worse than us in 2020.

Attack On Titan Chapter 132 Recap

The chapter started with Hange discussing the condition of Odhisa. They are already halfway through Marley. Everyone is getting the plane ready. The explosives are still attached to the plane and Reiner says that we should take them off. But Armin stopped him saying that they can use it on Eren. Meanwhile, Falco is in a shocking state knowing that everyone is dead. Pieck told him that half of the Marley might have already been gone and she doesn’t know what they should do at this point.

Unconventional Allies

On the other hand, Annie and Mikasa are having a talk. Mikasa tells Annie to get ready, but it looks like finally Annie is broken and now she can’t hide it. Annie tells Mikasa that she doesn’t know how to save humanity and states all the things that Eren has done. Mikasa tells her that she will get her old Eren back and she won’t kill him. Levi is getting out of his room and Armin told him that he should rest more.

Resistance Strike

We get a flashback of Eren where he was planning the attack on Marley. We got to know that Eren was already considering Mini Rumbling. Back to the present and Survey Cops got the information regarding Eren’s second target which is supposed to be Satrayose. Eren will go to Karifa Airbase to destroy the planes. Hange seemed like she has completely lost at this point as she admitted that it was her own powerlessness that Eren is showing. It looks like they are leaving Pieck and Gabi behind. Annie also decided to stay behind. Reiner apologizes to Annie about everything and said he should have stopped the mission that day.

Floch Is Alive

Just when everyone was ready to leave, Floch comes and starts shooting. Miskasa was able to kill him but he managed to damage the plane quite a bit and it will some time to repair it.

Despair Strikes Again

As they were picking their tools to repair the plane, the Survey Cops hear some noise. Yes, it was rumbling. Everyone was arguing on how they should stop this when Captain Hange decides to take one for the team. She promotes Armin as the leader of the 15th Survey Corps. Hange tells Levi that her time has come and she wanted to go out with a bang so don’t stop her. Levi told her to pull her heart in it. Hange, with a smile on her face, attacks the Titan and was able to buy some time. Everyone was able to get away. Then, we cut to a vision of Hange getting a hand by Erwin and he tells Hange that she did an amazing job.

Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Release Date

The next chapter will be out on October 9, 2020. It is confirmed by Attack On Titan Wiki page. The official date will be revealed very soon and we will update you as soon as we get some information.

Attack On Titan Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter on Crunchyroll, Comixology, and Amazon. We advise you to use only legal websites to read that manga as it will promote the creators.

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