Attack On Titan Chapter 134 Release Date, Plot, Recap, Trailer, Spoilers: Where To Read?

Attack On Titan Chapter 134 Release Date 

Attack On Titan Chapter 134 Release Date, Plot, Recap, Trailer, Spoilers: Where To Read?: So, you are telling me that there is a beast titan that can fly? How am I even surprised at this point, Iseyama throw random things around, and it becomes fantastic. But the revelation of this flying titan is not random at all. If you back and watch season 2 opening “Shinzo Wa Sasageyo”, you will see random animals and birds at the end of it, and one of the creatures was a falcon. And the introduction scene of Falco was highlighted by a bird. So, it was already foreshadowing this since season 2. With every chapter, Iseyama shows what an absolute genius he is. And in the chapter, we saw Eren and Ymir side-by-side, goosebumps. Now, we advise you to don’t read any further if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Attack On Titan Chapter 133 Recap

The remaining members of Survey Corpse were on the plane. Armin asks Onyankapon if the plane will get them to Salta? Onyankapon told him that Hange gave her life to protect the aircraft, he will get there no matter what.


Armin asks everyone if they shall discuss the plan now? They discussed the plan and decided they will destroy Eren’s titan. Armin told them that he would talk to Eren first. Levi budge in by saying that if they kill Zeke, won’t the rumbling stop? Everyone looks surprised, but Armin told that it’s possible. Levi said that he doesn’t know where Zeke is but he will find him and will kill him. Jean confessed that he killed many of his comrades and won’t let their sacrifice go in vain and will stop the rumbling. Connie also lets his heart out, saying he killed Samuel and Daz and won’t let their sacrifice to waste. He told Reiner that he knows how he must have felt back at the time. Reiner told Connie that they would save the rest of humanity. Everyone present there were feeling all the sin the sins they have committed and were ready to atone themselves.


They were discussing the plan when Armin said that maybe Eren is testing them. That’s why they can still use their Titan powers. They were discussing that when they found themselves in Eren’s consciousness. Everyone shouted for Eren to come out. That he won’t have to put all the burden on himself, suddenly they heard Eren’s voice saying that he will keep moving forward. They looked for him and saw a young Eren standing. They ran towards him, and as they reach closer, they saw Ymir standing beside him. He told them that he is not manipulating them is that they are free and he won’t take away their freedom. But he will keep on moving forward, no matter what.

A New Titan?

All the members were back in the plane and were lost. They knew that the only option is to fight now. Back at the ship Annie and others were going to Hizuru. Annie said that she is guilty of various crimes and wants to go back but its too late now. She was thinking that when Falco and Gabi came and told her that Faco had a dream. It was Zeke’s memory or dream. He said to her that he saw a vision of flying above the clouds and he feels that he can do that too.

This Is The End

Meanwhile back at Salta one of the Marelyan trains was hijacked by an Eldian. They were going towards the spaceship. Everyone was worried and sad and panicking at the same time. They saw airships leaving, and their misery just increased. And above all, from a distance, they saw the rumbling closing towards them. But the airships turned out to be bombing fleet, and they were targeting the titans. Its the start of the war.

Attack On Titan Chapter 134 Release Date 

As of now, the release date of chapter 134 is not out yet. But we will update you as soon as some information is released, so keep an eye out here.

Attack On Titan Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter on Crunchyroll, Comixology, and Amazon. We advise you to use only legal websites to read that manga as it will promote the creators.

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