Attack On Titan manga to end in April

Attack On Titan Chapter 136 Release Date

Attack On Titan manga to end in April: Kodansha announced earlier today that the Attack On Titan manga will end in April. It was announced that the April 9th issue of Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine will feature the final chapter of the saga. This announcement marked the end of a manga that has been running wild for 11 years now. Attack On Titan is loved by fans all around the world. It has turned the manga world upside down this decade. Iseyama announced in November that the manga is only 1% to 2% away from its end means that we are going to see the end really soon. It was reported that Iseyama wanted to end the manga before the end of last year. But now it is announced that the manga will run for 3 more chapters and will end in April.

Chapter 135 was released in December and fans are desperately waiting for the next chapter. The last chapter was dark, gritty, and was full of action. Fans were left demanding more after the end of the chapter.

Attack On Titan Chapter 136 Release Date

Chapter 136 of Attack On Titan is scheduled to release on January 9, 2021. The translated chapter will be available a few hours after that. Volume 34th will be the last volume of the manga series and will release in May or June 2021. We will update you as soon as some information is revealed regarding that.

We can’t stress and tell you how amazing the last chapter was. Anything we say here will be a spoiler and will ruin your fun. So, you should go and read it as soon as possible. This chapter might be the darkest chapter of the series so far. This chapter really highlighted that Attack On Titan is a twister manga and you can’t expect a simple ending here.

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Attack On Titan Chapter 136: What to expect?

Throughout the chapter, we saw so many instances that told us that the next chapter will be the last one. But now that announcement is made we don’t know how the manga will end. And considering its Iseyama, no one will be prepared for it.  The end is near and no matter how we look at it, it is not gonna be a good ending. Either Eren is going to end the world just like he planned or the resistance force will stop him by killing him. But don’t be surprised, if Iseyama pulled something out of his pockets again and blow your minds off, because he can do that. Attack On Titan has been an amazing story from start to end and we think that the end will be just as glorious.

Attack On Titan Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter on Crunchyroll, Comixology, and Amazon. We advise you to use only legal websites to read that manga as it will promote the work of the creators and will help them with their projects.

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