Attack On Titan Season 4 Delayed? When Will Attack On Titan Season 4 Release? Check Plot & Spoilers

Attack On Titan Season 4

Attack On Titan Season 4 Delayed? Find Out Here: 2020 is just getting worse day by day. Many sites were already proclaiming that season 4 of Attack On Titan might get delayed as we were just 2 months away and we still didn’t have a specific release date, but those were just presumptions of various sites without any official announcement from the studios. But now it really looks like that the final season of Attack On Titan just got delayed.

Now, the WIT Studio still has not made any official announcement regarding the delay but some things have happened recently that indicate that the season is delayed. Few days ago Attack On Titan Wiki twitter page tweeted that according to Animatetimes the Attack On Titan season 4 is still on track for a fall release, but yesterday they tweeted again saying that the list has been updated and now the final season is no longer listed for a fall release.

Now, animate times is not a random anime news channel. You can say that Animate Times is the source that other anime news pages use to get information. Animate Times has previously worked with various studios to make the anime-related announcement and they get various exclusive information about many anime from the studio itself. So, if you are asking how reliable is Animate Times, it might be one of the best pages to get anime news. So, if they have removed the season from the October list, it pretty much means that it has been delayed for sure.

It’s not really a surprise if we look at all the things that were in front of us. The final season was announced in 2019 itself, after the premiere of the 3rd season finale. The trailer we got of season 4 was pre-animated. Pre-Animated means things that were animated way before or is in the process of being done, not finished. And a few days ago we also got to know that the music composer for the final season was also changed. People were really excited when the final season was announced for 2020 fall. Now, MAPPA Studio is known for its amazing animation style. Take examples of Attack Of Titans previous seasons or currently airing The God Of High school. So, it was predictable that the studio will take their time to make the anime as satisfactory as possible for the fans.

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Attack On Titan manga is reaching its end now and with each chapter, the intensity of the manga is increasing. The manga has already published more than 100 million copies in 2019 itself and it is one of the most-read manga of current times and it also faced a hiatus. And season 4 is going to cover the final arc of the manga so it was kind of obvious that anime was going to air after the completion of the manga. So, looking at all those facts we can say that the anime is going to be delayed. Now, there is no official words from the production house yet, so they might make it public with a new teaser of the season.

If we have to assume, the season might AIR in early 2021, but we have to wait for the official announcement to give anything concrete. We will update you as soon as we will get some new information about the anime.

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