Entertainment - Baarish Season 3 Spoilers, Story, Trailer, Release Date, & Details!

Baarish Season 3 Spoilers, Story, Trailer, Release Date, & Details!

Baarish Season 3 Spoilers, Story, Trailer, Release Date, & Details: The first Season of this beautiful love story is exactly like the first rains, the smell of love, the change in atmosphere and element of beauty in everything around is reminiscent of it. The second season unfolded like the disastrous thunderstorms, bringing in so many rifts and change of dynamics in their relationships. All in all, it clearly is like Mumbai Rains- soft and beautiful at first yet terrifying later.

Baarish Season 3

Initially, we see Anuj and Gauravi more expressive and into each other, just they’re a perfect couple for each other. But, as they say that every relationship has testing times, Anuj and Gauravi grow apart in their attempt to put pieces together and settle in like their old lifestyle.

The thunderstorm in their life is so terrifying that eventually they end up meeting a relationship counselor called Jitendra. Since the season 2 released a few months ago, there are no traces of Season 3 yet. 

Baarish Season 3 Spoilers

Every season of Baarish has a narrator from whose point of view the story unfolds. The first season of this gripping story was from Anuj’s point of view while the second season was from Gauravi’s point of view. The second season includes Gauravi’s thought process which proclaims that Anuj has changed so much which has resulted in a change in their relationship dynamic. 

While Gauravi has been in jail for months for protecting her husband, when she comes out they counter a series of twists ahead of them. Despite all this, Anuj and Gauravi put pieces together and try building blocks knowing that their foundation is strong. 

They find themselves jobs, and go on ow omg a one-bedroom apartment, still aiming for a plush villa. What do you think will happen in Season 3? As this heartfelt rom-com unfolds, try thinking from Ekta Kapoor’s point of view and see where this could go! 

Where to watch Baarish Season 3? 

Baarish as a series has bagged its rights with ALT Balaji. Since it’s first and second seasons came out on ALT Balaji app, it is most likely that the third season of this mesmerizing love story will unfold its ranks here itself. So what do you have to do to get access to it?

  1. ALT Balaji requires a subscription without which you cannot access its movies, stand up comedy shows, and other entertainment platforms of various genres. So make sure you subscribe! 
  2. Open the app and login your details 
  3. Search for Baarish and in case you haven’t watched Season 1 and 2 yet, this enthralling storyline will put you on a roller coaster ride full of heartfelt emotions- love, hatred, distance and enable you to love the true meaning of relationships, so please watch them! 

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