Baba Ka Dhaba Case, Know the whole story here

Baba Ka Dhaba Case

Baba Ka Dhaba Case, Know the whole story here: Kanta Prasad, who runs ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi, has accused of money laundering money against Youtubera Gaurav Vasan.

Kanta Prasad alleges that Gaurav Vasan asked for donation money in his family’s accounts, which have not been given to him.

This is the same ‘Baba ka Dhaba’ which was quite popular on social media a few days ago. Kanta Prasad was crying about it, referring to his poor financial condition. After this video went viral, people had also helped this elderly couple.

The video was made by Youtuber Gaurav Vasan, who created a video on street food. Gaurav Vasan denies the allegations of rigging in the donation. He says that he has given all the money received in a donation to Kanta Prasad. Some other YouTubers are defaming them.

Malviya Nagar Police Station has confirmed that Kanta Prasad, the owner of ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’, on Saturday (October 31) has filed a complaint about fraud in a donation. The case is under investigation.

Gaurav Vasan also said that he had received information that a complaint has been lodged against him.

What is the whole matter?

The video of an elderly couple went viral on social media on October 7 and 8. In this video, old Kanta Prasad, who runs a food stall named ‘Bab Ka Dhaba’, was narrating the pain of not earning in the lockdown.

80-year-old Kanta Prasad had told that he and his wife work very hard, but in four hours they have been able to earn only 50 rupees. His condition is terrible.

As soon as the video went viral, people started appealing to help this elderly couple. On seeing this, there was a crowd at his Dhaba, and people started sharing pictures and videos of going to ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’.

After this, the financial condition of the elderly couple improved. Kanta Prasad tells that were used to earn 250-300 rupees on the first day, and now they make from five to six thousand rupees.

Gaurav Vasan, who made this video, also appealed to donate ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’.

Where is the wrong thing

But, after this, Kanta Prasad accused Gaurav Vasan of rigging the money of donation.

A few days before the complaint, Gaurav Vasan gave nearly two lakh rupees of donation to Kanta Prasad. But Kanta Prasad says that there is still more money left that he has not received.

Kanta Prasad says, “Two or three days ago we got the information that Gaurav has not given us all the money of the donation. He gave the account number of himself, his wife and brother for donation. 

The donation which came in this account We did not get it. He was unfaithful. Tell us not to give your account number for donations. “

However, where did Kanta Prasad get information about Gaurav Vasan having more money, he did not say anything about it. In some videos, he is seen saying that some people have told him about this.

There is also an allegation from Kanta Prasad that how did Gaurav Vasan get the information that 20 lakh rupees came from donations in his account. At the same time, they are not aware of this.

He says, “The bank has seized my account due to the donation from outside. I do not know how much money has come from donations in my account. But, how does Gaurav know that 20 lakh rupees have come to my account? “

Kanta Prasad told that till now Gaurav Vasan had given him a check of only Rs 2,33,677 which he has deposited, but whether the money came or not is known.

Gaurav Vasan posted a video on his Instagram and Facebook account titled ‘Savor Official’ in which he is seen handing over a check of Rs 2,33,677 to Kanta Prasad and his wife.

In this video posted on October 28, Gaurav Vasan is saying, “I assured Baba (Kanta Prasad) that his money belongs to him, and we will give it to him.” Many people are saying that Gaurav did not give Baba money. But there is nothing like this: the money that came for them was for them. “

He asked Baba that I do not have any transaction with you, in which Baba is refusing.

However, now Kanta Prasad says that he received new information a few days ago.

Gaurav Vasan dismissed the charges

Gaurav Vasan denies all these allegations. He says that all the money that came to him from the charity has been given to Kanta Prasad.

Gaurav Vasan says, “I have given Rs. 2,33,677 to Baba through check. Have transferred one lakh rupees and paid 45, thousand rupees. 

Baba is saying that Gaurav did not give my account number for donation but Baba never gave his account number to me. I also never stopped him from giving his account number to others. “

“I have been doing this work for eight years, and have never collected funds for anyone. I felt that Baba was in great need, and he asked for a donation. 

I did not know that so many people would come forward, so gave my own account number in the beginning. Later, Baba gave himself his account number to others, so that his account was forfeited after receiving the money. “

But, Kanta Prasad has alleged that Gaurav Vasan got information about having 20 lakh rupees in his account.

On this, Gaurav Vasan says that on October 8, he went to the bank with him to deposit 75 thousand rupees in Kanta Prasad’s account. People at his shop gave Kanta Prasad this donation. It would have been difficult for Baba to go alone, so he had gone together.

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