Bay Yanlis Episode 6 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, Where to Watch All Episodes

Bay Yanlis Episode 6 Release Date: Bay Yanlış is a Turkish drama known as Mr. Wrong, and it is gaining a lot of popularity, with its episode 6 to release soon, let’s get more in details about the drama.

Bay Yanlış Episode 6

Bay Yanlış or Mr. Wrong is a Turkish drama which is directed by Sea Fatigue, and the Scriptwriter for the series is Asli Zengin and Banu Zengin. The series is a romantic comedy that stars actors like Can Yaman and Libby Gurel in the lead role. The Turkish series airs on the FOX network and has already completed five episodes, the 6th episode for Bay Yanlış will be released soon, and today we will get to more about the upcoming episode of Bay Yanlış.

Bay Yanlış Cast

Can Yaman as Özgür Atasoy
Özge Gürel as Ezgi İnal
Gürgen Öz as Levent Yazman
Fatma Toptaş as Cansu Akman
Suat Sungur as Ünal Yılmaz
Lale Başar as Sevim Atasoy
Cemre Gümeli as Deniz Koparan
Serkay Tütüncü as Ozan Dinçer
Sarp Can Köroğlu as Serdar Öztürk
Taygun Sungar as Soner Seçkin
Feri Baycu Güler as Nevin Yılmaz
Ece İrtem as Gizem Sezer
Anıl Çelik as Emre Eren
Chemistry Gökçe Aytaç as İrem Doğan

Bay Yanlış Episode 6 Release Date

Bay Yanlış episode 6 will be released on the 6th of August 2020 on The FOX TV channel.  Looking at the excitement created in the last episode of Bay Yanlış, everyone has their eyes on what will happen in the new episode. Even when the next episode’s trailer came out, all eyes went on the trailer, it got everyone excited to know what will happen.

Bay Yanlış Episode 5 Recap

Ezgi and Ozgur start wondering how Serdar will attend Ebru’s wedding when they meet him in Göcek. All the friends around him begin cooking plans o get him out of the marriage without any incident. On the other hand, Sevim and Nevin get along very along, and under proper directions from Fitnat’s, they start planning to take care of Ezgi and Ozgur. Meanwhile, Ezgi and Ozgur start pretending that they are wrong for each other to keep their families up, which gets everyone confused about them getting marketing.
So it will be interesting to watch what happens in the Bay Yanlış episode 6. So stay tuned for more exciting updates. Turkish dramas are making their way up in the game of web series, and their content is reaching worldwide, gaining a lot of positive accolades from the audience. It is interesting to see that people are now open to consuming content from different languages and redefining their niche.
This has given the makers and production house an overview of what people love these days and what kind of content is to be made for the audience, and Turkish dramas are one such niche that is growing on a fast-paced. Bay Yanlış is a Turkish show that has aired for five episodes, and episode 6 will be coming soon, so watch out for Bay Yanlış, and for more information stay tuned to world wire.

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