Entertainment - Bear Grylls’ World’s Toughest Race: The Eco-Challenge Contestants Names, Teams, Where to Watch? & Details

Bear Grylls’ World’s Toughest Race: The Eco-Challenge Contestants Names, Teams, Where to Watch? & Details

The Eco-Challenge: The Expedition Race was a multi-day expedition length adventure race in which four or five teams participated depending on the year in which it was been completed. It initially aired on television from the year April 1995 to April 2002. However, the race returned in the year 2019 and took place in Fiji. This series is now known as the World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji, and it was premiered on the 14th of August, 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.

More about The Eco-Challenge: The Expedition Race

This is a 10 part series that is released on the Amazon Prime platform, which is hosted by Bear Grylls himself, and he will be traveling across Fiji. This series is perfect if you’re looking for some motivation and diversion to start your fitness routine. The series will tell the story about 66 competitors race non-stop for 11 days, 24 hours a day, across hundreds of miles of rugged Fijian terrain wholly covered with mountains, jungles, and oceans.

Bear Gryll’s Teams, Leaders, And Their Names

-Team Gippsland Adventure from Australia

Competitors: Rob Preston (TC), Kathryn Preston, Tim Boote, Aaron Prince, Patrick Howlett (TAC)

-Team Mad Mayrs  from Australia

Competitors: Tyson Mayr (TC), Elijah Mayr, Nick Mayr, Courtney Home, Chris Dixon (TAC)

-Team Atenah Brasil from Brazil

Competitors: Shubi-Silvia Guimares (TC), Karina Bacha Lefevre, Nora Audra, Jose Caputo, Jose Pupo (TAC)

-Team Canada Adventure from Canada

Competitors: Bob Miller (TC), Ryan Atkins, Scott Ford, Rea Kolbl, Wayne Leek (TAC) Team

-Team True North from Canada

Competitors: Alex Man (TC), Becca Man, Philip Roadley, Logan Roadley, Jason Gillespie (TAC)

-Team Costa Rica from Costa Rica

Competitors: Eduardo Baldioceda (TC), Sergio Sanchez, Gerhard Linner, Veronica Bravo, Eric Cano (TAC)

-Team Estonian ACE from Estonia

Competitors: Silver Eensaar (TC), Timmo Tammemäe, Reeda Tuula-Fjodorov, Rain Eensaar, Arthur Reichmann (TAC)Team

Team Namako from Fiji

Competitors: Alivate Logavatu (TC), Petero Manoa, Eroni Takape, Kim Beckinsale, Courtney Nicole Kruse (TAC)

-Team Hombres D’Maiz from Guatemala

Competitors: Netzer Quan (TC), Andres Duante, Gabriela Molina, Sebastian Lancho, Leopoldo Bolanos (TAC)

-Team Khukuri Warriors from India

Competitors: Tashi Malik (TC), Nungshi Malik, Brandon Fisher, Praveen Singh Rangar, Col VS Malik (TAC)

-Team East Wind from Japan

Competitors: Masato Tanaka (TC), Machiko Nishii, Koki Yasuda, Akira Yonemoto, Masayuki Takahata (TAC)

-Team New Zealand from New Zealand

Competitors: Nathan Fa’avae (TC), Sophie Hart, Stuart Lynch, Chris Forne, Mark Rayward (TAC)

-Team Summit from Spain

Competitors: Emma Roca (TC), Jukka Pinola, Fran Costoya, Albert Roca, David Rovira (TAC)

-Team Able Abels from the USA

Competitors: Dan Abel (TC), Ashley Abel, Lauren Abel, Fletcher Hammel, Allison Abel (TAC)

-Team Endure from the USA

Competitors: Travis Macy (TC), Mark Macy, Danelle Ballengee, Shane Sigle, Andrew Speers (TAC)

-Team Nika from the USA

Competitors: Jeff Bates (TC), Kara Haun, Ashley Andrews, John Bender, Keria Galan (TAC)

-Team Onyx from the USA

Competitors: Clifton Lyles (TC), Coree Aussem-Woltering, Sam Scipio, Chriss Smith Jr., Mikayla Lyles (TAC)

-Team Stray Dogs from the USA

Competitors: Marshall Ulrich (TC), Adrian Crane, Bob Haugh, Nancy Bristow, Heather Ulrich (TAC)

-Team Unbroken from the USA

Competitors: Hal Riley (TC), Gretchen Evans, Dr. Anne Bailey, Keith Knoop, Cale Yarborough (TAC)


The series is now available on Amazon Prime Video, where Bear Gryll’s takes you through the World’s toughest race in Fiji. Twenty-two teams gave participated in the series, and their names are mentioned above, so don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure the teams have taken on to and enjoy as they ride through oceans and beautiful forests of Fiji. For more such exciting updates, stay tuned to world wire.

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