Beastars Season 2 Release Date Confirmed, New Preview, Cast And Where To Watch?

beastars season 2

Beastars Season 2 Release Date Confirmed, New Preview, Cast, And Where To Watch?: A new promotional video for the upcoming season of Beastars was premiered yesterday. The new promotional video also revealed the release date of the anime. Beastars was a sleeper hit of 2019 and hype for the second season was too much. It was delayed a bit due to the Corona pandemic, but now it is all set to be released.

Beastars Season 2 Plot

The anime focuses on Cherryton Academy(A Boarding School). Where both Herbivorous and Carnivorous animals study and live in the same dorm but on different floors. Our main protagonist Legoshi is a wolf who lives in the dorm with his Labrador friend Jack. Legoshi is a member of the school drama club which is lead by a red deer named Louis. An Alpaca named Tom was murdered and devoured. This results in the environment becoming very tensed, and now no Hervibore or Carnivore can trust each other.
The second season will pick off right where the first season ended. At the end of the first season, we saw Tom’s killer leaving the bathroom, and we will see who the killer in the second season. And we can also see some significant characters being returned in the second season. Anyone who has read the manga will know what will happen in the second season. But without spoiling anything the second season will focus on after Chapter 48 of the manga.

Beastars Season 2 Release Date

The anime is all set to be released on January 5, 2021. The date was revealed in the promotional video itself. The first episode will premier on Netflix on the given date. After that, a new episode will be released every Thursday. The release date and timing might differ as per the region.

Beastars Season 2 Cast And Characters

It is obvious that all the characters for Beastars season 2 will be the same as Season 1. Chikahiro Kobayashi will return as Legoshi, Sayaka Senbongi will once again voice Haru. Yūki Ono will return as Louis, Atsumi Tanezaki will voice Juno, Akio Ōtsuka will play the role of Gohin and finally, Junya Enoki will return as Jack. Yuuki Kaji is the new cast member that was announced back in September and will voice Pina.

Beastars Season 2 Preview 

A new trailer was released yesterday revealing the release date of the second season. But it was more than just an announcement video. It also revealed the opening theme song “Kaibutsu” (Monster) by the duo YOASOBI.  The trailer showed some scenes that we will see in the second season. A particular odd scene was Legoshi fighting a Kangaroo, which is new for both manga readers and anime watchers.

Beastars Season 2 Where To Watch?

You can watch season 2 of Beastars on Netflix as soon as it is released. You can also stream season 1 of the show on Netflix. We request you to use only legal sources to watch the anime as it will help the creators.


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