Before lifting lockdown: Why is it important to know the transition rate to lift lockdown?

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Before lifting lockdown: As such, the importance of any letter is not reduced. But the role of English ‘R,’ i.e., ‘R’ in fighting the Coronavirus, has become more important.

Through this ‘R,’ scientists around the world are trying to understand the risk of Coronavirus.  And through this, the governments of countries are trying to know what steps they can take to protect their people and when and how to remove the lockdown.

This ‘R’ is called the ‘re-production’ number or ‘R-value’ of the coronavirus.  The rate of spread of any disease is called re-production number ie, R number. 

On average, how many people can spread the infection from an infected person, this is the ‘R’ number. In simple words, it means the infection rate.

The measles infection rate may be the highest. Its infection rate or ‘R’ number is 15 in a population without immunity. It can spread quite quickly.

While the re-production number of the novel coronavirus, officially called Sars-CoV-2, is about three, it can spread to one to three people. However, there may be a slight difference in different estimates.

Before lifting lockdown: Why is it important to know the transition rate to lift lockdown?

If the infection rate exceeds 1, it can be dangerous.

Before lifting lockdown
Before lifting lockdown

Before lifting lockdown: If the infection rate of a virus is more than 1, it means that its infection spreads rapidly. That is, it can spread at more than double the speed.

In simple words, the way interest increases due to the non-payment of a credit card; similarly, its transition also increases. If the infection rate is less than 1, then due to its reaching fewer people, the disease is likely to end soon.

Therefore, governments of countries around the world are trying to reduce this infection rate by 3. This is the reason that people are being forbidden from mixing with each other. Relatives and family members are also being asked to keep a distance from each other.

People are working from homes instead of offices and children’s schools are closed.

Corona infection rate in Britain

Before lifting lockdown
Before lifting lockdown

Before lifting lockdown: Actually, the rate of infection is never constant—changes in people’s living, changes in the body’s immunity, as the immunity increases.

With the introduction of isolation, social distancing, and lockdown of the Imperial College in London, the infection rate of this virus was closely monitored.

They were trying to know how this rate changes?

Before taking drastic measures like isolation, social distancing, or lockdown, the coronavirus infection rate was higher than 1, and conditions were favorable for large-scale infection outbreaks.

But after the ban was imposed, the pace of transition slowed. Till a few weeks ago, the ‘R’ number ie, the transition, was around 0.7, but it is estimated that now it will be between 0.75 to 1.0.

The rate of infection has also increased due to an increase in cases of care homes. In other places, cases of infection are decreasing, but the increase in care homes has a direct impact on the infection rate of corona in the country.

Role of infection rate in lockdown removal?

Before lifting lockdown
Before lifting lockdown

All the countries of the world are in the same turmoil these days, how to remove the lockdown? If the lockdown is to be removed, then these countries will have to bring down the infection rate here.

Adam Kucharski, a doctor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, says, “This is a big challenge.  You have to see if you are not giving too much relief. The pace of infection is not accelerating.”

But after the restrictions were imposed in Britain, the rate of infection went from 3 to 0.7. Bringing the corona infection rate down to 0.7 means good efforts have been made to stop it.

Doctor Kucharsky says that keeping the infection rate low is a big challenge in itself; there are not many opportunities for it. Earlier in early April, the corona infection rate in Germany reached 0.7.

But Robert Koch Institute says that in recent times this rate is increasing and now again it has come down to 0.75. The institute’s Chief Professor Lothar Weiler says, “the goal is to keep this rate below 1”.

In what cases can it be relaxed?

Before lifting lockdown
Before lifting lockdown

Doctor Kucharsky says, “There is no confirmation yet on how successful isolation, social distancing, or lockdown is in preventing the virus from spreading. Everything so far has been speculative.”

“Whether the case is to open a school or office or to allow people to meet – it is difficult to understand how much they can increase the infection rate.”  He says that the second issue is that if the way of living changes with time, then cases of infection can increase even if the lockdown is not relaxed. 

Therefore, to overcome the infection, more and more testing and tracing, or the use of location-tracking apps, needs to be adopted. These methods can provide relief to people on one side and, on the other hand, can also help in keeping the rate of infection low.

Is the transition rate i.e., the’ R’ number the most important? One of the three numbers that have the highest importance in dealing with the coronavirus is the infection rate, i.e. ‘The R’ number.

The second number in this is intensity. You can feel relieved if you have minor symptoms that are not very annoying. But the unfortunate thing is that the coronavirus and the disease caused by it, COVID-19 is very deadly and fatal.

The last number is the number of cases of the corona. This number determines whether decisions like lockdown should be removed or not. If the number of infection cases is high, and restrictions are relaxed, the infection rate may increase again.

How long will the corona vaccine be made?

Before lifting lockdown
Before lifting lockdown

The vaccine is an effective and effective way of reducing the infection rate of viruses. A person infected with the coronavirus can infect an average of three people.

But if the vaccine can prevent two of these from infection, then the rate of infection will be reduced considerably.

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