Beirut Explosion: What Happened in Lebanon- Beirut Explosion Reason & Death Casualties

Beirut lebanon explosion video

Beirut Explosion: The capital of Lebanese, Beirut was hit by two huge explosions on Tuesday damaging buildings and shattering the windows while killing over 70 and injuring over 4000 people. The video of the explosion that went viral showed the smoke fluttering from a fire in the port area which seems to be the initial explosion followed by a massive explosion leading to the formation of a mushroom cloud in the sky.

Check- Beirut, Lebanon Explosion Video

Beirut Blast

The intensity of the blast was so high that it was heard miles away while knocking down the balconies, shattering the ceilings, shaking the buildings, and blowing out the windows. Reportedly, the blast was heard on the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean which is 150 miles away from the blast spot.

The images from the scene show the entire building blocks being collapsed along with the port along with numerous fires that got triggered due to the blast. The damage is so much that military bulldozers were called to clear roadways so that firefighters and ambulances can get to the devastated area of the port.

What Happened in Lebanon?

According to Lebanon’s prime minister, Hassan Diab, the cause behind the main blast was the ignition of approximately 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate which have been kept unsecured in a warehouse for around 6 years. He vowed to punish the culprits who are responsible for the blast.

Lebanon’s prime minister termed it as a national disaster and said that it has further added to the country’s agony as Lebanon is already struggling with the issues of COVID-19 pandemic

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun also said that it’s unacceptable that such a huge quantity of ammonium nitrate was stored unsafely. He declared a 3-days mourning period and is going to release an emergency fund of 100 billion Lira (£50.5m; $66m).

Beirut Explosion Reason

Meanwhile, the investigation is going on to find out the exact cause of the explosion. The Supreme Defence Council of Lebanon has assured that the maximum possible punishment will be given to those who are responsible behind the blasts.

Beirut Death Casualties

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s health minister Hamad Hassan informed that currently at least 70 people have been killed while over 4000 have been injured due to the huge blast that shook Beirut. He added that the tally can further rise as the rescue team is still under process to access the damaged buildings to get people buried under it.

According to the reports, the hospitals in Beirut were overwhelmed with the authorities and officials requesting the people to donate blood.

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