BEL Vs VIT (1:1) Live Match Score Online Belenenses Vs Guimaraes Prediction Portuguese Liga 2019-20 Updates


Portuguese League 2020 is ongoing and the action is unexpectedly going awesome. In today’s match, we are able to see Belenenses and Vitoria SC battling with each other and the match is already begun. If you are looking for the live updates related to the BEL Vs VIT Live Match then you are in right place. The tournament itself is going crazy as Team Vitoria is in the top half and they have done fine on the other hand Belenenses is battling from the bottom half of the tournament.

BEL vs VIT Live Score

Update- Belenenses hit the first goal.

Update- Vitoria SC Hit their first Goal before the end of the first half.

The first two minutes of the game have finished and both teams are playing hard so far. We can say that the charts are predicting that the Vitoria SC will easily make winning on this match because they have shown the winning approach from the first minute. Vitoria SC is in the 6th position and they are there because of winning 10 matches in the league they have lost 7 matches, and 8 of them were drawn.

On the other hand, Belenenses is in the 13th position and they have played averagely in the season. They have won 8 matches and lost 12 big important matches. Also, they have faced around 5 drawn matches which make them on the losing side of the league. As you can see both the teams are close when it comes to winning but the loose gap is huge between them.

BEL vs VIT Match Updates

League Name- Portuguese Liga 2019-20

Playoff Match- BEL vs VIT

Date of the Match- Thursday, 11th June 2020

Time- 11:30 PM IST

Venue/Ground- Cidade do Futebol

Belenenses Predicted Squad:

Joao Monteiro, Filipe Mendes, Kouakou Koffi, Andre Moreira, Nilton Varela, Ricardo Jose-Ferreira, Francisco Varela, Ruben Lima, Tomas Ribeiro, Diogo Calila, Chima Akas, Eduardo Kau, Nuno Coelho, Goncalo Silva, Thibang Phete, Nuno Pina Nunes, Tiago Esgaio, Andre Santos, Manuel Cafumana, Tomas Castro, Danny Henriques

Vitoria SC Predicated Squad:

Jhonatan Luiz, Douglas Jesus, Miguel Silva, Andre Ribeiro Almeida, Matheus Mascarenhas, Valeriy Bondarenko, Frederico Venancio, Victor Garcia, Florent Hanin, Falaye Sacko, Pedro Henrique, Easah Suliman, Joao Pedro-Sousa, Diogo Rocha, Blati Toure, Elias Abouchabaka, Davidson Pereira, Joseph Amoah, Pedro

We are expecting that today Vitoria SC might see the winning though the match could be drawn too because both of the teams have good numbers of drawn matches on their record. Vitoria SC has 38 points so far in the tournament’s chart board and Belenenses has 28 points in the league.  

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