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Top 10 anime battles: Now, how to make this list? This list is full of best anime battle. How do you narrow down all the fights that have gone since the start of the anime into a bite-size top 10 list? It is not possible to list every single battle on this list, so some of the fights will be left out. Now, throughout the years, there have so many good fights in anime history. But what makes a fight from good to an enthralling event that you can’t take your eyes off of it. There are many aspects to it, but some of the most noticeable are:

  • The choreography, as without good choreography a fight does not have that feel to it. It might include a story and big moves all you want but if the choreography is dull, its just not enjoyable.
  • The Animation that can make even a dull event look cool.
  • And finally, the buildup and meaning and weightage of the fight.

Now, a lot of fights that were considered excellent in the 80s won’t be on this list, just because of the animation quality and because it is not as impactful now, as they were back then. Now, let’s get on with this list.

10. Lee Vs Gaara – Naruto

From the moment Lee drops the weights from his legs and starts attacking Gaara, to the moment the fight ends, this is a masterpiece. The sheer fact that Kakashi had to use his Sharingan to see the movements of Lee just made it much more legit. Gaara was considered an unstoppable monster that was out for blood and blood only. Lee brought him down on his knees, and fans lost their mind on that. The fact that it is considered as the second-best fight in Naruto(We will get to the first one in a while) is enough to tell you how epic this fight this is.

9. Luo Lang vs Nanashi – Sword of the Stranger

A fight with no grand speeches, no taunts, no talking whatsoever. There is only one single break in this fight, and that is only for a split second. The background music adds to the tension of the battle. And battles in the snow are always the coolest. You can watch the anime just for this fight scene. But there is a separate clip of this fight on youtube, watch that and then watch that again and again and again. Go watch it.

8. Straw Hats Vs Arlong Pirates – One Piece

Every fight Luffy is involved in is fantastic, but this fight is just over the top. The start of the fight is slow, like every fight in One Piece. As it picks up the pace, it just otherworldly. Arlong finding out about Zoro’s injury, Sanji being there just looking cool, Usopp just being goofy he is and Luffy shouting on top of his lungs after beating Arlong. It’s just the best moment you can ask for. And the old animation of One Piece only adds to the nostalgia and its amazing.

7. Netero Vs Meruem – Hunter X Hunter

Don’t piss off old dudes in anime. They are deadly. This fight is a prime example of that. On paper, it is a fight between an 80-year-old man against a newborn. Doesn’t make sense? Watch it; it will make sense. The build-up to this final battle makes it 100X better with fantastic choreography, stunning animation, and two alpha males throwing big moves after big moves. It is gold, and the character development we witness between the fight is just gorgeous.

6. Gintoki vs Takasugi – Gintama

This one is my personal favorite best anime battle. One of the most underrated fights of all time. And one of the most epic. There are so many reasons for it. The uncertainty of the battle, the animation, the flashback sequences, the storytelling where we sympathize with both the fighters, a fight between equals with no outside interference or power of friendship and no flashy moves and all of this without feeling stretched out for even a second—Dragon Ball, tasks some notes.

5.  Spike vs Vincent – Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop isn’t known for its fight scenes. But this fight is the best hand to hand combat you will ever see. The story the background music, the sheer storytelling, is just amazing. You feel each of the punch that the fighters throw at each other, and the way it leads up to the final moments of Cowboy Bebop, chills, literal chills.

4. Kaneki vs Jason – Tokyo Ghoul

Yeah, Tokyo Ghoul as an anime is just bad. But this fight scene is just iconic. Kaneki losing his mind, Jason losing his shit and scared for his life, Kaneki just wrecking him. And all of this while unravel playing in the background, the single most significant piece of anime opening ever. Go watch it and thank me later.

3.  Takamura vs Brian Hawk – Hajime No Ippo

To be honest, out of all the fights in Ippo, I am surprised I am listing this one. But this one that ‘IT’ factor to it. Takamura’s ignorance made this fight a slugfest to good to be forgotten. And the end of the fight is just what you needed in life. It might not be the best-looking fight, but it is one of the most violent ones.

2. Guy Vs Madara – Naruto Shipudden

If it weren’t for those fillers, this fight would undoubtedly be the number 1 on my list. It still is the best fight in Naruto. The fact that Guy was almost a nobody before this fight just made it so much better. The fight elevated Guy in an instant, and it was still believable. The presence of Minato makes it better and better.

1. Levi vs the Beast Titan – Attack On Titan

What is more dangerous than an angry Ackerman? Absolutely nothing. Everyone should watch this fight. I repeat everyone. This fight had everything, blood, rage, slicing down titans, blood, and did I mention blood? From the moment when Erwin takes charge to the moment that Levi slice everyone’s neck, it’s just pure perfection.

Some Honorable mentions:

  • Gon Vs Pitou – Hunter X Hunter
  • Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki – Boruto
  • Licht vs Julius – Black Clover
  • All Might vs All For One – My Hero Academia
  • Escanor vs Estarossa – Seven Deadly Sins
  • Goku vs Frieza – Dragon Ball Z
  • Jotaro vs DIO – Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

There are many fights that we might have missed. Hope you loved our take on best anime battle. But this is our list of best fights in anime history. Know of some fights that we might have missed? Comment down and let us know.

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