Buy facebook likes – 8 best website to buy facebook likes

Best websites to buy facebook likes

Are you looking for the best websites to buy facebook likes? Then you are on the right page. In this article I will share the best methods to get likes on your facebook page and profile. Lets get started with the article.

To be honest, a Facebook Page with fewer Likes & Followers doesn’t impact users. If you want to create a brand presence, you need to go online, but that isn’t enough. You have to understand that increased Facebook Likes & Followers make a tremendous impact in between users. Here, we have listed the five best websites from where you can buy Facebook Likes & Followers online. To be honest, buying Facebook Followers & Likes from the unsafe site could turn your whole branding mission to a hole. 

Buying Facebook Likes & Followers is easy, and you can do that by following the simple instructions. You all should know that many influencers and big brands use these services to show their content or product to a more extensive audience base. Buying Facebook Likes & Followers is also very important because if you don’t have many likes in your Facebook post, you will get less engagement. 

A lot of clients buy Facebook Likes on their post to get better and bigger engagement.

Yes! Sometimes it isn’t possible to get to everyone through the tricky Facebook Algorithm. Overall, we are pretty sure that the Facebook Likes & Followers you buy from the below mention website turns out to be the best thing for you. You all can easily buy Facebook Followers from this website, and you don’t need to do anything extra for this.  

5 Best Sites To Buy Facebook Followers & Likes

There are so many websites online which are providing the Facebook Likes & Followers service. Here we have shared the best websites that can help you increase Facebook followers. Also, we are going to share the website which we use for our clients. Yes! We will share the website, which we use to buy Facebook Likes & Followers. In this article, you will find everything you can about the best sites to buy Facebook Likes & Followers.


Best websites to buy facebook likes

We don’t want to waste your time by recommending the best website at the last of this post. You all should know that our favourite website to buy Facebook Likes & Followers is Yes! We loved this website, and the best thing about the is that it has budget-friendly services. When it comes to buying Facebook Likes & Facebook Followers, we only trust It is a trustworthy website, and we are using it for a very long time. Review

It is our favourite website. Yes! We love so much that we use it every time I want to buy facebook likes. The best thing about is that it has genuine customer support and services. The provides the free and working Facebook Like Checker tool, which gives the accurate data of any Facebook Page you want. is easy to use the website as they have a simple interface. Anyone can make their order from the It is a simple website and could be trusted blindly when it comes to Facebook Likes & Followers. Also, the service starts from a very cheap and controlled package. Anyone can make an order online through You all should know that it is a website to buy Facebook Likes & Facebook Followers. You don’t need to be worried about

How to Buy Facebook Likes From

As we said above, it is easy to buy the FB Likes from You need to follow some instructions to increase the likes on your Facebook Page. It works well if you want to increase the followers of your Facebook Page and the Likes. Follow these instructions here.

  • Visit the official website
  • Now go to the “Buy Facebook Likes” option.
  • Select the package you want and proceed.
  • Put your Facebook Link on the field and then pay through PayPal.
  • Now, after the successful transaction, your order is ready and placed.

Follow this video tutorial about how you can get more likes on facebook. Ratings: 10/10

Note: is our personal favourite, and we have used it personally a lot of times. If you need to buy Facebook Followers & Likes online, this is our only recommendation. 

The best thing about the is their free tool “Facebook Like Checker”. Yes! They provide a means “Facebook Like Checker” which helps us analyze the Facebook page we want. You can easily use this tool to analyze any Facebook Page you want. Facebook Like Checker is a Free App that lets you check any Facebook Page likes country wise, an excellent tool for statistics and demographics of Facebook Pages. This App enables businesses to see in which country they are popular based on their Facebook Page likes.

#2 Viralyft


You all should know that after, it is hard to pick any other website for Facebook Likes & Followers. We have seen so many other websites selling Facebook services, but only a few have the accuracy to provide the quality Like & Followers. Now, let’s talk about Viralyft. It is a website cum agency, and that’s their pro point and their worst moment too.

See, when you order any service from a tremendous website like Viralyft, you’ve got to understand that they aren’t selling services to you only at that time. Yes! When a website receives a colossal user base, they tend to forget about customer support.

Viralyft Review

Well, Viralyft is an organic website that increases your Facebook Page & Post’s likes and followers. The best thing about this website is that they have geo traffic as you can specifically order for Indian Likes, the US likes, or the UK likes. The worst thing about Viralyft is their lack of customer support. We don’t like their services because of their lousy customer support.

You all should know that Viralyft is a website with everything you want, but still, they aren’t number 1 on my list. Overall, the Viralyft could be the next big bump for you guys but remember that risking your Facebook page isn’t a good deal you should take. Yes, they do have the great packages, and they will impress everybody, but as we said, they have some major worst points. 

Viralyft Ratings: 6/10

Note: Viralyft isn’t a cheap website, and they do have expensive packages. 

#3 IBuyFans

Once one of our clients has made the order through IBuyFan, they faced severe issues. Even, their Facebook Page got deleted, and they do blame IBuyFans for it. We don’t know what happened but ever since we stopped using the IBuyFans website to buy the Facebook Likes Followers. To be honest, IBuyFan has better alternatives in the market, and everyone can use it. We used IBuyFans once, and since then, we stopped using it. You can use them, but that would be your own risk. 

IBuyFans Review

IBuyFans is a good website, but it does have its cons. You can easily use it but remember that they are quite expensive and had the worst experience with them. Overall, we don’t think that using IBuyFans for once and twice would hurt you, but if you use it for more than a few times, it could hurt your Facebook Page. You all should know that IBuyFans has the potential to make you happy for a while, but we don’t think that it would make any profit for your Facebook Page in the long run. 

IBuyFans is a legit website with a vast user base. You can’t ignore the fact that this website has made a lot of people happy. Yes! Nowadays is the kind of a trend which is attracting a lot of people. We think that the IBuyFans failed to attract the crowd like it used to back when they started the website. Overall, we are hoping that IBuyFans will begin taking care of their clients. 

IBuyFans Ratings: 6/10 

Note: You all should know that using IBuyFans could be a risk, but that’s not that case if you use their services with a little bit of intelligence. 

#4 LikePool Chrome Extensions 

Remember that LikePool is a free chrome extension. You don’t need to pay for anything while using the tool LikePool. All you need to do is go your chrome browser in your computer, now you need to visit the Chrome Store, and from here you can add the extension “LikePool” in your chrome head bar. The best thing about this extension is that it is free, but it does have some issues that we will talk about below. 

LikePool Review 

LikePool is a free chrome extension as we said above. It does have its pros & cons. Liverpool is designed for Instagram users who want to get more likes on their posts. As its name suggests, Likepool rounds up a group of users, who automatically like each other’s posts and thereby increase everyone’s like count. The only thing which we didn’t like about the LikePool is the safety of our Instagram account. Also, the LikePool doesn’t work for Facebook, and there is no extension which works fine for Facebook. 

The best thing about LikePool is that it is a free tool. The worst thing about the LikePool is that it is only designed for Instagram. Overall, you can find many extensions for Facebook Likes 7& Followers, but the only bad thing about those extensions is that they can save our browsing cookies. Yes! These free methods aren’t free, and they do cost something, and sometimes that is your data.


LikePool Ratings: 6/10

Note: LikePool is a free extension, but it doesn’t work for Facebook Likes & Followers. You can easily use LikePool if you want to use Instagram services, but you shouldn’t overdo it because that could risk your Instagram Page. 

#5 Famous


Famous isn’t cheap, and their price starts at $30, which is unusual. They do provide an excellent service, but they aren’t trustworthy. You can buy Facebook Likes & Facebook Followers through Famous. The only thing which we don’t like about the Famous is their uncertain strategy to increase the likes & followers of your Facebook Page. They do charge a bit more for their services. We think that you would like to buy the Facebook Page Likes & Facebook Followers from Famous. 

Famous Review

Okay, we used Famups last year, and they have delivered us the average service. We didn’t expect much from them, and they also didn’t do better. Overall, using Famups was a onetime thing, and we would not use it in future. Our personal experience wasn’t up to the mark. Also, when you pay that high, you expect so much from the Famous. You can use Famups but make sure that you have enough budget to use their services.

The only thing we liked about the Famups is their fast service, but that was an old thing. Now things don’t work the way they used to, and we are hoping that Famups will re-start their service with excellent customer support. We think that Famups should reduce the price of their services.

Famous Ratings: 7/10

Note: We don’t think that using Famups for the long term is beneficial. Yes! You can use their service but do remember that they are quite expensive.

#6 GetRealBoost

Yes! This is one of the most genuine websites, but yes they do have some drawbacks. We have faced some crucial issues while we were ordering services from them. Yes! GetRealBoost helped us, but they took time for that, and we can say that they aren’t instant. So if you are in a hurry, then you mustn’t order services from GetRealBoost. Overall, they are good at what they do, and we believe that they have a vast customer base.  

GetRealBoost Review

We placed our order for the first time with GetRealBoost, and we were trying to check the quality of their services. We didn’t risk our main page for that, and after a while, we realized that they did provide the quality service, but they weren’t up to the mark. GetRealBoost could be great for someone who wants to buy Facebook Likes & followers online. It would help if you remembered that the website doesn’t have a low price to pay a little higher amount for their services. 

GetRealBoost Ratings: 7.5/10

Note: While we were using the GetRealBoost, we weren’t risking anything as we used a new Facebook page for their services. They did excellent work, but it got delayed. They charge a little more than their competition. We don’t think that in 2021 anyone would want to use them in this price range.

#7 SocialViral 

With the 100% money-back guarantee SocailViral should stand top in our list, but it doesn’t. The best thing about this website is that they run real ads to get you like, but that whole thing takes time. Also, they get colossal order every day, and now the SocialViral is slightly performing a bit rough these days. We didn’t order directly from the SocialViral, but some of our clients have used their service, and they weren’t satisfied.

SocialViral Review:

The best thing about the SocialViral is their genuine service (At least they claim so). One thing which we didn’t like about the SocialViral is their late delivery service. What we wanted about the SocialViral is their active Facebook user base. We lived the SocialViral for their services, but yes they do have some significant drawbacks which we don’t like about them. 

SocialViral Ratings: 6/10

Note: SocialViral isn’t a good website because they claim that they provide organic Likes, but that claim is hard to fulfill within a few hours. 

#8 Social Packages

When we first heard about the website Social Packages we were bit confused. You all should know that the website looks legit, but it doesn’t provide the quality service as we expected from it. Yes! You can say that buying Facebook Followers & Likes online through Social Packages is quite hard. Our experience with the website isn’t good at all. Yes! We aren’t writing this review just based on our experience, and we understand that Social Packages has an excellent customer base all around the world.

Social Packages Review

Okay, the website looks legit, and they do give some good followers online, but that’s it. We didn’t like their service, and because of their weak customer support, we don’t think that anybody should use Social Packages. We loved their website Social Packages, but they could raise a bit of customer support about it. You all should know that the website Social Packages could fulfil your order, but you must first take care of your safety. 

Social Packages Ratings: 6/10


Note: We aren’t sure about the Social Packages’ offers as they charge a lot for their services. We think you can go through some other services if you want to buy Facebook Likes & Followers. 

Is Buying Facebook Likes & Followers Safe?

Okay! When people ask us that buying Facebook, Likes & Followers is safe, we don’t know what to tell them. You need to understand that purchase fake Facebook Likes & Followers is the breach to the Terms & Conditions of Facebook. Still, that doesn’t make it unsafe, and even people do buy Facebook Likes & Followers. You all should know that buying Facebook Likes & Followers online is safe if you buy them through the trusted sources. 

It is relatively safe if you buy the Facebook Likes & Followers from the (We are saying this because we are using their service since a very long time and haven’t made a tiny mistake while providing the quality services to us). You need to understand that buying Facebook Likes & Followers through the trusted website is the only legit thing you can do. 

Which is the best website to buy Facebook Likes & Followers? is our first recommendation to you guys, and we have listed the reason to use it above. The website is cheaper than the websites mentioned above. doesn’t provide you with the bot Likes & Followers. They do give the 100% non-drop followers & Likes guarantee. You all should know that is a simple website and should be your priority when buying Facebook Likes & Followers online. 

Why use

  • The website has cheaper services. 
  • The experts who run the know how to provide quality services. 
  • The services you will get through the are relatively safe, and they do not need anybody. 
  • So far we are quite happy with the and would want to continue with their services.
  • is fast because they start working on your order immediately and they do have the prompt customer support. 
  • is 100% genuine website, and you can start with their services without any doubt. 

What is Facebook Algorithm & How Does It Works?

Back in 2012, it was easy to get Facebook Post engagement with massive likes on your Facebook Page. Nowadays things aren’t as easy they supposed to. Your Facebook Page Likes’ doesn’t gives you the guarantee of huge post engagements. Now thing doesn’t work the way they used too and you need to be active on your Facebook Page to get the Likes from your followers. Also, you all should know that the video views’ only get increased if you have a big Facebook Follower base. So at the end it means that the more likes you have on your post or video. The more chances of being exposed to your customers and users it is. Facebook alg0rithm uses its AI to make this descions. 

Our Recommendation

In the end, this article was about the best websites to buy Facebook Likes & Followers. We have mentioned eight websites in this article, and we have used some of them for our personal use, and some of them have been used by our clients. We are currently using the for our clients, and the website shows a better result than any other service provider. We think that anyone who wants to buy Facebook Likes & Followers online can use the for that. 

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