Bible that leaks oil – Everything you need to know

Bible that leaks oil - Everything you need to know

In Dalton, Georgia, the crowd was gathering in church to see the miracle they said that Bible is producing oil and we can also say the Bible leaks oil. According to them, it is a modern miracle.

They raised their hands in worship of God many are calling it a modern miracle they came to see the bible which was leaking oil.

Bible that leaks oil – Everything you need to know

Bible that leaks oil - Everything you need to know
Bible that leaks oil – Everything you need to know

When was it (bible leaking oil) started?

In 2015, there was a small group in dalton, Georgia surprised to see that oil flowed down the walls of their prayer room. After a year, the clear oil flowed from jerry Pearce’s personal bible. It produced around 400 gallons of oil. It was drawing a diverse crowd from across the country.

It all started with a story by a faith reporter at the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Wyatt Massey’s stories on the ministry called “His name is Flowing Oil” caught the attention of the people. Massey wrote,” They got hundreds of people every week to come to their services and it was much more focused on worship and then this idea that the Bible was producing Oil”.

The ministry’s website includes testimonies from several people who said the oil from the bible healed them. Massey wrote he looked further into the phenomenon when he received a tip,” One of the main leaders of the ministry was going to tractor supply in Dalton regularly and buying mineral oil.”

Bible that leaks oil
Bible that leaks oil- Everything you need too know

Is it a miracle?

One organizer, Taylor said,” the book is bringing people to the Christian faith”. he later said that the bible is just a sign and a wonder but it is your faith that how you apply it and use it where the miracles come in.

Every other weekend the group traveled around the country and world from north to Edmonton, Florida to California. donation funds for their travel.

Taylor and Pearce, along with their wives and several others, had been meeting regularly for the prayer meeting when oil flowed down the walls of the prayer room in 2015. Taylor said he received a message from God that God would speak to him soon.

It started all on Friday, Jan 20, 2017. A group of people was at the prayer meeting in the back room of a small Christian gift shop. They were praying until after midnight.

At one point jerry fall down on the floor for 45 minutes in a catatonic state he described him being out in the state and said he was out of his spirit and God has given him a message. After that, it created a diverse crowd.

Oil plays a very prominent role in several Bible stories It said that it cares for the sick. Christian believes that this oil will work as a medicine for their health problems. While at the gathering for seeing the bible, Johnny Taylor said that this book is serving way to bring the people to the Christian faith.

After this, the City of Dalton has become a tourist place as people are coming to visit the oily Bible. when visitors would stop seeing the church Pearce would remove the oily bible from the container so that he could touch the forehead of the people or will use it in baptisms.

But the church leaders say that this oil has no supernatural power or anything but at least one person claimed, he has cured cancer (with no practical evidence).

The oil kept dripping to the level that Pearce was giving vials to the visitors. Because it has been estimated that the bible has produced 400 gallons of oil. They handed out around 350,000 free vials of oil to the people.

After 3 years, hundreds of people gather each week in the small town of Dalton, Georgia to pray and socialize and be healed. People believe that this translucent oil has cured skin problems and cancer. They say it changes color, generated crystals, and increases in volume. It was increasing upward in the container. A Bible leaking oil everything you need to know.

Is it a scam?

There are many stories and opinions about this oil-leaking bible some say it’s a scam some consider it a miracle. During the investigation, they discovered that this oil is nearly identical to the Ideal brand oil- A petroleum-derived product found at supply.

Ministry leader Jerry Pearce has admitted to buying oil from a local tractor supply Co. but he later defended himself claiming to never put the oil on the container or Bible.

What can we learn from this Scam?

When we read the Bible, throughout the entire psalm the point is clearly made that the bible is sufficient to direct our path and to protect us from the dangers of this broken, sinful world. The biggest tragedy in today’s world is that people are believing more in these artificial things and scams than in the scriptures.

What we see in the world today that people are suffering from many problems like financial, social and spiritual. So the tragedy is people are being deceived by ministries at that point people away from the scriptures to something else.

God has revealed Himself in the Bible. If we want to meet with God, we must get serious about preaching and teaching the bible. We must seriously follow the prayers and reading of the scriptures.

The 1689 London Baptist confession in Article 1.1 on the scriptures says, “The Holy scriptures is only sufficient, certain and infallible rule of all saving knowledge, faith, and obedience.”

 What does anointing oil represent spiritually?

Bible that leaks oil- everything you need to know

Anointing is the ritual act of pouring aromatic oil over a person’s head or entire body.

At present days “Anointing ” is used for ceremonial blessings such as the coronation of European monarchs. This continues and earlier Hebrew practice was most famously observed in the anointing of Aaron as high priest and both saul and David by the prophet Samuel. The concept is important to the figure of the Messiah or Christ.

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