Biden Administration Unveils Rules for AI Use in Federal Agencies

Biden Administration Unveils Rules for AI Use in Federal Agencies

The White House has told all federal groups using AI to establish “concrete safeguards” safety rules by Dec. 1.

This is to keep Americans safe and protect their rights as the government starts using AI more in different areas.

The Office of Management and Budget wants these groups to monitor AI impacts “on the public, mitigate the risks of algorithmic discrimination, and provide the public with transparency into how the government uses AI.”

Agencies need to check for risks and make rules and measures for how things work and are managed.

The white house said that agencies “will be required to implement concrete safeguards when using AI in a way that could impact Americans’ rights or safety.”

They will be required to disclose to the public when and how the government is using AI.

In October, President Joe Biden signed an order.

It says that if AI systems might risk U.S. safety, economy, health, or security, the makers have to share safety test results with the U.S. government before sharing them with everyone else.

The White House said on Thursday that new safety measures will let air travelers say no to using facial recognition by the Transportation Security Administration without slowing down their screening.

Also, when AI helps with health care decisions at the federal level, there needs to be a person checking over it”the process to verify the tools’ results.”

Biden Administration Unveils Rule for AI Use in Federal Agencies
Biden Administration Unveils Rules for AI Use in Federal Agencies

Vice President Kamala Harris announced the rules in a call with reporters, saying, “President Biden and I intend that these domestic policies will serve as a model for global action,”

“All leaders from government, civil society and the private sector have a moral, ethical and societal duty to make sure that artificial intelligence is adopted and advanced in a way that protects the public from potential harm, while ensuring everyone is able to enjoy its full benefit,” Harris added.

Generative AI, which makes text, photos, and videos from prompts, is causing both excitement and worry.

People fear it might cause job losses, affect elections, and even overpower humans with serious outcomes.

The White House wants government groups to share how they use AI, track how much they use it, and share their AI tools and information, as long as it’s safe.

The Biden team mentioned that the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses AI to look at hurricane damage.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention use AI to guess disease spread and find opioid use.

The Federal Aviation Administration uses AI to help “deconflict air traffic in major metropolitan areas to improve travel time.”

The White House is hiring 100 AI experts to ensure safe AI use.

Here are the rules that agencies have to follow.

  • The White House’s budget office is telling federal agencies to make sure their AI use doesn’t risk Americans’ rights and safety.
  • To be more open, federal agencies need to put a list online of the AI systems they use. They also have to share a check of what risks these systems might have and how they’re keeping these risks under control.
  • The White House told federal agencies they need to pick the main AI leaders within 60 days.

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