Big Brother 22 Cast Revealed; CBS Removed Cast Interview Dates from the Live Feed?

Big Brother 22 Cast Revealed; CBS Removed Cast Interview Dates from the Live Feed: Big Brother 22 is a reality show where the houseguests or house contestants stay isolated from the rest of the world. CBS has reportedly removed the cast interviews from the live feeds on Wednesday.

Big Brother 22

Big Brother is a reality show that aired the first time on television in the year 1999. John de Mol Jr. created this competition reality shows franchise, and it was first broadcasted in the Netherlands. The name Big Brother was inspired by George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The housemates are continuously monitored with microphones and cameras; their every activity is tracked, and they have to survive the tasks given to them.

Big Brother 22 Cast

Ian Terry
Keesha Smtih
Da’Vonne Rogers
Kaysar Ridha
Danielle Reyes
Janelle Pierzina
Enzo Palumbo
Josh Martinez
Memphis Garrett
Nicole Franzel
Daniele Donato Briones
Bayleigh Dayton
Tyler Crispen
Kaycee Clark
Kevin Campbell
Cody Calafiore
Amber Borzotra
Nicole Anthony
David Alexander
Christmas Abbott

These are the names of Big Brother 22 cast, and these names include some of the previous housemates, winners and runner ups from the earlier season of Big Brother 22. It will be thrilling to see the winners and runner ups compete in this season of Big Brother 22.

Did CBS pull the cast interview from the live feed?

The cast interviews were scheduled to release on Wednesday, but it is reported that CBS has taken down the interview the interviews from the Live Feeds. The previous announcement was that the list of all the constantans in Big Brother 22 would be revealed on Monday, but it was delayed. When ET changed their feeds promoting and improving the premiere dates for Big Brother 22.

The official page of Big Brother 22 also put up a reminder for the audience saying upcoming season premiere on the 5th of August. Also, with this, the casting director for Big Brother “Robyn Kass” expressed her excitement through a tweet where the fans anticipated that the cast would be revealed about a day later the tweet was deleted.

Big Brother 22 Release Date

This season of Big Brother 22was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the entire world’s lockdown situation. Everything came to a standstill, and hence the dates were pushed further from early 2020, to now the premier is said to be on the 5th of August 2020.

The house guests for the show were already starting to show up in Los Angeles, which could be a rush looking at the situation then, but with just a few days left to the new season of Big Brother 22 to release, no one can contain their excitement. If CBS comes up with any more information, we will update it, so stay tuned!

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