Bigg Boss 14 release date? Is YouTuber Carry Minati entering the Bigg Boss house?

CarryMinati enter Bigg Boss 14

The fan’s favorite reality drama show, Bigg Boss, is all set to entertain this year as well. The show hosted by the Dabangg Salman Khan has the highest TRP’s in the reality shows. The simple reason behind Bigg Boss being so successful is because it is full of controversies, endless drama, and packed with entertainment. And what makes this reality show entertaining is the contestants that come from both the entertainment industry and ordinary people.

When will Bigg Boss 14 release?

“Bigg Boss” 14 is all set to air on the television screens on the 3rd of October 2020. The show will air on the regular channel Colors Tv, and the promo is released. Colors Tv has posted on their Twitter handle announcing the promo of the show and sharing the same on Tv commercials. Salman Khan is seen talking about the show and how he wants to kill the boredom of the people sitting in the house and entertain. Many new faces will also be seen in the show, and many speculations are made about the contestants. The industry’s known faces will be seen, making their mark even a YouTube sensational face joining the Bigg Boss 14 house.

Will CarryMinati enter Bigg Boss 14 show?

If rumors are to be believed, then yes, CarryMinati, aka Ajay Nagar, will enter the Bigg Boss house. Sources have said that he has been quarantined in a hotel in Mumbai before entering the house. This, however, is a mandatory process for all the contestants before entering the Bigg Boss House. Everyone is pretty much aware of the YouTube vs. TikTok controversy, which CarryMinati was a significant part of. Many from the YouTube community-backed Carry Minati in his stand on the debate of TikTok. Ever since then, he has made the headlines, and when he released his video, he was all over the internet.

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CarryMinati, aka Ajay Nagar, is known for his YouTube videos, where he posts a lot of videos on his youtube channel. He is majorly known for his roasting videos that go viral on the internet like air. There is no doubt that his followers or fans would not be excited by the news. But when CarryMinati recently did a live stream, he denied all the rumors about him entering the Bigg Boss house. When the fans asked him questions about Bigg Boss 14, he shot down all the questions and denied the rumors. His fans have also posted on twitter sharing his live stream snippets, where he denied the rumors.


The Bigg Boss 14 reality show will air on the television screens from the 3rd of October 2020. Salman Khan will host the show will air on the regular channel Colors tv and. There are rumors that the famous Youtuber CarryMinati will be entering the house, but he has denied all the stories. Some sources believe that he has been quarantined in a Hotel in Mumbai, but all will unfold on the 3rd of October. So stay tuned to know more about Bigg Boss 14.

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