Entertainment - TV Serial - Bigg Boss Telugu 4 11th September Written Episode Updates- Who will be Eliminated?

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 11th September Written Episode Updates- Who will be Eliminated?

The Bigg Boss season has arrived for the audience, and the fun and games have begun. On the 6th of September 2020, Bigg Boss Telugu aired to give the audience entertainment from the first day. Even though the show started with fun, it ended at a little intense note. With the eliminations hanging right from the first day, seven contestant’s names were taken for eviction. This stirred drama even more to which the surprise entry of Ariyana and Sohail was a complete shock. But let us what happened later.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 11th September Written Episode

Before we begin with the chances of who might get evicted this week, let us look at the names that were nominated earlier. Abhijeet, Gangavva, Akhil, Sujatha, Divi, Mehaboob, Surya. Out of these names, some of them are safe from the elimination this week. Gangavva seems to lay her sympathy card and has been saved from the elimination. In comparison, others are working hard to improve their image in the audience’s minds to protect themselves from elimination.

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Divi performed well in the game and has been winning the hearts of the audience, and she is also said to be very genuine in the game. Akhil will have a tough time in this week’s elimination as he is labeled as the backstabber in the house or Kattapa. Surya Kiran, on the other hand, came out very dominating in the house. And his behavior is relay not liked by the audience. So, he might be in danger this week. So from the names above, the ones with risk this week are Surya Kiran, Sujatha, Akhil. Note that Divi is not safe yet, but are chances of not getting eliminated are high.

The percentage of votes of the nominated contestants?

Gangavva – 41% votes
Abhijeet – 27.5% votes
Mehaboob – 8.5% votes
Divi – 6% votes
Akhil – 5% votes
Sujatha – 5% votes
Surya Kiran – 3% votes

These are the distribution of votes the nominated contestants have received from the audiences. Gangavva is leading while Surya Kiran is at the lowest. So please vote for your favorite contestant to make sure that they stay in the game.

Missed call number to save your favorite contestant from elimination:

Abhijeet- 888 66 58 204
Surya Kiran- 888 66 58 202
Akhil Sarthak- 888 66 58 215
Divi- 888 66 58 214
Mehaboob- 888 66 58 206
Sujatha- 888 66 58 205
Gangavva- 888 66 58 216


According to the percentage of votes distributed, Gangavva is safe. The three names that are in grave danger of elimination are Surya Kiran Sujatha and Akhil. And above mentioned are their missed call numbers, so give a miss call on the number and save your favorite contestant from elimination. And for more updates on Bigg Boss Telugu 4, stay tuned to world wire.

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