Bigg Boss Telugu 4 1st Week Nominations & Eviction: Who will be eliminated first?

The Bigg Boss Telugu Game of politics and eliminations have begun. The show has taken its course from the first day as the contestants start their day in the house. While it is all groovy in the morning, tensions immediately build by the evening, but what exactly happened and how are voted for elimination by the contestants let us see.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Online Voting: How To Vote For Your Favorite Contestant & BB Telugu Voting Numbers

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 1st Week Nominations & Eviction

The ferocious game, politics, and tasks are a package and parcel in Bigg Boss. This is what makes the show a daily dose of entertainment and drama. Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has recently begun, and the eliminations have come at the right time. People with the least connections and strong contenders have been nominated. Who will be evicted will depend on the votes they can gather from the audiences. The nominated names include Abhijeet, Surya, Akhil, Divi, Mehaboob, Sujatha, Gangavva. Below mentioned are the voting details and their missed call numbers. So don’t forget to vote for your favorite contestant.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Contestants

Is Karate Kalyani fake on the show?

The first day of Bigg Boss in the house didn’t go as peaceful as everyone thought. The first day itself, emotions, anger, and the risk of eviction arose among the contestants. When Sujatha nominated Karate Kalyani, she demanded justification. But with this, she also got very emotional, and then Surya Kiran steps in the situation as it flares up. But is she being genuine or fake on the show only time will tell?

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting for Nominated Contestants

Abhijeet- 888 66 58 204
Surya Kiran- 888 66 58 202
Akhil Sarthak- 888 66 58 215
Divi- 888 66 58 214
Mehaboob- 888 66 58 206
Sujatha- 888 66 58 205
Gangavva- 888 66 58 216

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Online

-Go to Google search and type “Bigg Boss Telugu vote or Bigg Boss Vote.”
-Click on the contestant you want to save from elimination
-Select the number of votes (maximum is 10)
-Click on submit.
-Votes have been recorded and sent to Star Maa

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 voting through Hotstar platform

-Open the Hotstar app
-Go to Bigg Boss Telugu page
-Below each stream, there will be an option to vote
-Click on the Vote now button
-Choose the contestant you want to vote
-You can vote up to 50 votes each day
– Missed call voting method is also available for Bigg Boss Telugu.


The nominated names are Abhijeet, Surya, Akhil, Divi, Mehaboob, Sujatha, Gangavva. The voting details are the same as above so you can vote and save your favorite contestant. Both options online and missed call facility is available. So by following simple steps, you can save your favorite contestant in the show. And to stay updated with the latest entertainment, stay tuned to world wire.

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