Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Host Name, Contestants, & Details 2020

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Host

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Host Name, Contestants, & Details 2020: Bigg Boss is a popular reality television show followed by millions of people across the country. The show is known for its controversies, celebrity contestants, and many more things that develop into the house of chaos. Around 18-20, celebrities enter the house, and they stay over for a span of 100 days, performing a bunch of tasks and games to stay in the house until the end.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Host

But this year Bigg Boss is going to be different for many reasons, first being that the makers of the show have decreased the number of contestants and the span of days. By keeping in mind the pandemic’s current situation, there will only be 12 contestants, and the days are also reduced to 50. This is huge news since fans are used to seeing the show for over 100 days, and this might have come out as a shocker for many.

Will there be a female host for Telugu Bigg Boss Season 4?

Big news that came up was that a female Telugu actress had been approached to host the show this year. The actress is a huge name in the Telugu film industry and has a huge fan following, due to which speculations of having a female host are rising, and people can’t stop gushing about it. And they surely wouldn’t if the name of the actress is “Samantha.”

There are rumors that the actress is approached for hosting the upcoming season 4 for Bigg Boss Telugu as it is said that the actress has taken a little break from the movie industry. When the news that the actress is on a break came up, rumors of her pregnancy also started to surface, but both these are mere speculations, and no official announcement of this has been made so far.

If the actress agrees to host the show, it will be the first time in the History of Bigg Boss to have a female host, which is why the actress’s fans are exciting the news and are eagerly waiting for the official announcement to be made.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Host

Bigg Boss Telugu Hosts for the previous season?

The previous show was hosted by Jr. NTR who is a big name in the industry, and his name itself was enough to increase the TRPs of the show, season 2 of Bigg Boss was hosted by the Tollywood star Nani who did a fantastic job of hosting the show.

This year Bigg Boss is going to be a lot exciting, filled with a lot of drama that will unfold I just 50 days, and we can’t wait to get more official updates on when the show will air on television and the lists of the contestants. But don’t worry once we have all the official word on this we will let you know all the excitement about the upcoming Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, so stay tuned!


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