Bill Burr’s Wife Bio: Who is Bill Burr’s Wife? Nia Renee Hill Wiki & Net Worth 2020

William Fredrick Burr is a comedian, actor, and a podcaster. He is significantly known for his roles in the series like “Breaking Bad” and “F is for family.” His podcast “The Monday Morning Podcast” has gained him fans all over the world. Bill’s podcast and his comedy shows feature his wife on many occasions. And today, we will look at Nia Renee Hill, Bill’s wife.

Who is Nia Renee Hill?

Nia Renee Hill, born on the 2nd of June 1969, is a comedian herself. She decided to stay with her father after her parents split. She has always had a keen interest in fashion and entertainment, and luckily her father worked in the same line. When her passion started to align with her work, she started working in the field of comedy. Being a comedian is one of the reasons why both Nia and Bill go along well.

Nia is also a well-known actor and producer. She does the voice over for a character on “F is for family” and is also seen in “Santa Clarita Diet” and will also be seen in the Movie, “Divorce: A love story.” Not just this, but Nia is also a writer and speaks on topics like feminism, racism, and problems related to women’s lifestyles. She also has a blog where she writes what’s on her mind. Nia likes to post about her family and Bill on her Instagram.

How did Nia and Bill first meet?

Nia and Bill met in a comedy show. The two talked for a while and started dating after. And while their dating life went on very well, they moved together in Los Angeles. In 2013 they got married to each other and started their happy journey together. In the year 2017, they welcomed their first daughter Lola Burr. Although Bill makes a lot of jokes about being a father, he is happier than ever. Once when he was asked about the experience of being a father, he said, “I am very excited, believe it or not, but I always wanted to become a dad.”

Nia does the same thing when it comes to expressing her love for the family. She doesn’t shy away from posting the pictures of them both on her Instagram. It seems like they both share the same feelings for each other and have an equal amount of respect. Their fans are delighted and enjoy their social media PDA. So this is all that we have on Nia Renee hill; more updates on celebrities and entertainment, stay tuned to world wire.

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