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About Bill Cassidy

William Morgan Cassidy, popularly known as Bill Cassidy is an American Physician and politician. He was born on 28th September 1957. He is currently serving as the senior senator from Louisiana.

Bill belongs to the Republican Party and has served as a Louisiana state senator from 2006 to 2009. Also, he served in the United States House of Representatives from 2009 to 2015.

Bill Cassidy was born to Elizabeth and James F. Cassidy with his three other siblings in Highland Park Illinois. He studied and completed a Bachelors’s degree in Science from Louisiana State University in 1979.  Also, he got a Doctor of Medicine from LSU School of Medicine in 1983.

The career of Bill Cassidy

With his Doctor of Medicine degree, he pursued his profession in medicine at first. Cassidy was specialized in the treatment of liver diseases. In 1998, Cassidy started a clinic called Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic. The clinic aims to help the poor and uninsured residents of the Baton Rouge area with free healthcare. Through this amazing platform, the needy patients were provided with doctors who treated their problems free of any cost.

He also opened non-profit healthcare centers in schools for their proper vaccination. 

He did exemplary work during Hurricane Katrina by turning a K- Mart into an emergency healthcare facility. This made the sufferings easier giving on-time help to the victims. 

The former democrat and an avid supporter of Michael Dukakis got firstly elected to Louisiana State Senate in 2006 as a republican. In 2013, Cassidy made remarks about Mary Landrieu claiming his donation to be a “youthful indiscretion”, adding to this, he also said she, “got elected and fell into partisan politics… Louisiana hasn’t left Mary, Mary has left us.” 

He blamed the inefficiency of bureaucracy and the public hospital system. Also, he mentioned the extinction of conservative democrats as another reason to switch parties. 

Cassidy won a special election in November 2006 for the district 16 seats from the Louisiana senate. 

With 76% votes in his favor against a fellow republican, Cassidy won the re-election for a full 4-year term. 

Tenure of Bill Cassidy

During his tenure in the United States Senate, Cassidy served in various committees like the Finance Committee, the Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee, the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and the Veterans Affairs committees. 

In 2020 re-elections, Cassidy again won the seat for tern in the United States Senate. Cassidy didn’t only work for people in tough times as a natural disaster but also proved as a people’s leader. He worked hard to lower the cost of health care. Cassidy initiated several coastal restoration projects to protect Louisiana families from natural disasters. His efforts to reform our nation’s mental health system didn’t go in vain. 


Bill Cassidy’s family includes his wife Dr. Laura Cassidy and their 3 children. The names of their children are Meg Cassidy, Will Cassidy, and Kate Cassidy. 

Laura Cassidy was a graduate of the University of Alabama, Birmingham in the year 1983.

Bill and Laura got to know about their daughter’s dyslexia. It was then that they realized the lack of resources for children suffering from this. Laura then initiated and founded a Public charter school which she named Louisiana Key Academy. Bill, on the other hand, made various efforts to spread awareness and educate people about the difficulties faced by students with dyslexia. 

Bill Cassidy’s Net worth

According to a 2018 report, Bill Cassidy’s net worth graph is falling drastically with a negative figure of -$1,115,971. 

In 2008, his net worth was a whopping $2.24 million. In the following years, his net worth increased making $3.18 million in 2010. After this, it was either stagnant or decreasing till 2017 when it dropped straight from $1.69 million to -$1.12 million. 

The recent years’ reports are still known. 

Personal life

Bill’s wife Dr. Laura did great social work by opening a Public Charter School to help the children with dyslexia in learning. Earlier, Laura was a specialized surgeon of breast cancer. Cassidy and his wife Laura worked in the same hospital during the early 1990s. While Laura was the head of surgery at the Earl K. Long Medical Center, Cassidy worked there as a gastroenterologist. They both serve as members of The Chapel on the Campus. It is a nondenominational Christian church.

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