Bill Clinton Is recovering from A Non-Covid Infection

Bill Clinton Is recovering from A Non-Covid Infection

Bill Clinton, the former U.S president who was hospitalized because of a non-covid infection was hospitalized on Friday. After several days of treatment, he has finally started recovering from the infection. 

Starting from 1993 to 2001, Bill Clinton has served the people of the United States. According to the doctors of UCI Medical Center in Irvine, Bill Clinton started reacting well after so many days of treatment. 

Angel Urena speaks about this –

Angel Urena spokesman of Bill Clinton said that a 75-year-old man was admitted to the hospital as he was diagnosed with a non-covid infection. 

Urena while thanking doctors for their spirit and effort said that Bill Clinton has been recovering slowly and steadily. Angel also was grateful to the nurses as well for taking good care of Bill Clinton. 

As mentioned by New York Times, President Bill Clinton has been diagnosed with a Urological infection which was developed into Sepsis. 

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention Sepsis can be defined as an infection which is occurred when the body reacts in an extreme manner. As per the reports, this infection has affected approximately 1.7 million people in America each year. 

This infection has killed approximately 2,70,000 people in America every year. This infection slowly and steadily affects the lungs and skin as well. If this infection is not treated at the right time then it can also lead to tissue damage, failure of the organs and if treated late it can also lead to the death of human beings as well. 

Different photographs were displayed in the U.S media which showed that the wife of Clinton, Hillary Clinton the formal secretary, and the presidential candidate with Huma Abedin visited the former president to the hospital. 

According to the statement released by Urena President Clinton was admitted to the hospital for a body check-up and was given antibiotics. After some days, the president started reacting well to the medicines given to him.

President Joe Biden also visited former President Bill Clinton and is in regular touch with him praying for him to get well soon. 

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