Black Adam First Look, Teaser, Release Date, & Trailer- What to expect from the Black Adam movie?

Black Adam

DCEU has been on fire with these recent revelations. At the DC FanDome this year we got Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game trailer, Batman movie first teaser, Justice League Snyder Cut version trailer and then Dwayne Jhonson himself shared the first look of upcoming Black Adam movie on Instagram, which really struck with the fans and everyone loved it. Then a picture was posted by the former WWE superstar inviting everyone to the FanDome and then the first video was released which revealed the look of Black Adam and gave a perspective of the story of the movie.

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Black Adam First Look

It was also revealed that the poster and teaser were designed by Bosslogic and later Bosslogic also posted one more pic that made it clear that it will be an origin story. It is also clear that Bosslogic will be involved in the further development of the posters and teasers as it was revealed by the comment of Bosslogic on the pic posted by Dwayne.

Black Adam Story/Plot

All the tease is pointing towards the origin story of Black Adam. Black Adam was added in the DC universe in 1970 when DC Comics bought the right of the character from Fawcett Comics. The Black Adam origin story has been shifted in DC Comics constantly. But an interesting thing is that the word he uses to Power-up is “Shazam”. And he was the first person to use that word, even before Shazam. He was corrupted by Demon Blaze(daughter of the wizard Shazam). This resulted in Wizard Shazam stripping Black Adam of his powers. After that Black Adam’s corpse is discovered by an archeologist who was his distant ancestor, Theo Adam. Theo wants to grab hold of the scarab and in the process, he is corrupted to the core. But the character development of Black Adam throughout these years has made him an antihero now.

Black Adam Teaser & Trailer

The story of the movie will focus on Theo as it is teased and him finding that Sacarb and gaining that power.

Black Adam Cast

As of now only Dwayne Jhonson and Noah Centineo have been announced as cast members. Dwayne Jhonson will play Black Adam whereas Noah Centineo will play Atom Smasher. Atom Smasher has been a part of the Justice Society Of America in comics on a regular basis so it will be interesting to see what will go down.

The film will be produced by Beau Flynn (producer), Hiram Garcia (producer), and Dwayne Johnson (executive producer) and Adam Sztykiel. will handle the Screenplay. Atom Smasher


As Atom Smasher has already been confirmed as one of the character in the movie we can expect to see few more members of Justice Society Of America being involved in the movie. We can also see Shazam in the movie, but most probably it will be in a post-credit scene that will set up Black Adam for future movies.

Black Adam Release Date

The movie will release on 22 December 2021. The production of the movie will start in September 2020. So if there is no delay in the schedule we will see Black Adam on the big screen next year.


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