Black Clover Chapter 266 Release Date, Recap, Read Online Spoilers, & Where to Read Online?

Black Clover Chapter 266 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 266 Release Date, Recap, Read Online Spoilers, & Where to Read Online?: It looks like we are a lot closer to finding out more about Asta’s origin. And now we know that Tetia survived with two kids. That is huge. Maybe even to change the whole perspective of the show now. The most interesting bit in the chapter was definitely the Nero and Tetia panels. And it’s really confusing why people are angry that the main squad survived, I mean it was pretty obvious.

Black Clover Chapter 265 Recap

Noelle opens her eyes and found herself in front of Patoli, Rhya, Vetto, and Fana. She looks out for everyone and finds that everyone is safe. Patoli told them that this place is Eryusia and this is the new base for the elves.

Heir to the throne?

Two unknown kids were lurking behind Patoli. Noelle asks who are these kids and Patoli told them these are kids of Tetia and Litch. Nero remembers the time when she saw Tetia injured but at that time she was still alive. And one of the twins was also alive in her stomach. Nero immediately sealed her injury and ran to Litch. And when she woke up she was in the form of a bird and didn’t know what happened to Tetia. Nero was so happy that Tetia survived.

I need to get stronger now!!

Mimosa asks them why did they save them. Patoli told them that they had an oracle to save them from the Guadian of the Eryusia “Trade”. They came as soon as they got the information but were late. By the time they reach there the explosion already happened. But all five of them saved themselves by using their powers. Patoli praised them on how strong they became in just 6 months. Noelle furiously said that it is pointless as they weren’t able to save Lolopechka. She demands Patoli to teach them tricks to be strong. Patoli says that will they be able to learn this strong magic in just 3 days? Noelle replied that it is pointless to not even try and Patoli decides to teach them the trick of elves “Extreme Magic”.

Black Clover Chapter 266 Release Date

Chapter 266 of Black Clover will release on 4 October 2020 as the next chapter is delayed. A new chapter is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule. But sometimes there are changes in schedule and the release of chapter shifts to Friday.

Black Clover Chapter 266 Preview And Spoilers

As of now no Raw Scans or spoilers have been out yet. The spoilers and the Raw Scan will be out 2-3 days before the official release of the chapter, so keep an eye out here, as we will update it for you as soon as we will get some new information about it.

Black Clover Where To Read

You can read Black Clover from the Viz media official website, Manga Plus, and also from the Shounen Jump app on android and on IOS as well. We request you to use only the legal and legit websites to read the manga as it will promote the creators.

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