Black Clover Chapter 268 Release Date, Recap, Read Online Spoilers, & Where to Read Online?

Black Clover Chapter 268 Release Date 

Black Clover Chapter 268 Release Date, Recap, Read Online Spoilers, & Where to Read Online?: So, we finally got so see Asta’s demon real form. After the last chapter, there are so many questions, and so many theories are out there saying that the Devil is related to Asta somehow. Now, all of these are theories, and we can’t say anything for sure. But it is a possibility as Black Clover manga is becoming unpredictable now. Other theories out there are that demon is Asta’s father, and other theories state that Asta is half demon-half human. So, let’s look at what went down in the chapter that made this internet meltdown.

Black Clover Chapter 267 Recap

The chapter started with Asta’s devil. He said that it’d been a while since he came out. Asta was really surprised to see his real form. He said that he wants to say something to the devil. Asta thanked the devil for all the help he has been till now. He said that without him, he wouldn’t have been able to survive. The demon said that Asta is stupid, and that’s why he will lose today.

Dark Sorcery

Asta was confused by the statement of the demon. Suddenly, his grimoire was in the air, and his Demon Slayer was in the hands of Devil. He said that Asta has no chance of winning. The demon attacked Asta, but he was able to dodge the attack. Asta was processing everything when Natch said that he had to fight and win; otherwise, his body will be taken over by the Devil himself. And he will be corrupted as a Variant Monster. He tola Asta that all the bones on the altar are those who failed to complete the ritual. Asta asked Natch, is that forbidden magic.

Good Devil

Natch told him that he is making him stronger in two days, and he had to use forbidden magic for that. The devil attacked Asta again, and this time he was able to edge but barely. Natch told him that if he doesn’t attack, he will die. Asta said that he wouldn’t attack the devil. He told him that he is not like the other devil he fought with. Asta said that “Being a devil doesn’t mean he is a bad guy.” Suddenly, the devil saw a flashback of a person. The flashback was blurry, but the person looked just like Asta.

Black Clover Chapter 268 Release Date 

Black Clover manga is back on its schedule after a week hiatus. The next chapter is scheduled to release on October 17, 2020. The next chapter’s raw scans and spoilers will be out 3-4 days before the actual release of the chapter.

Black Clover Where To Read

You can read Black Clover from the Viz media official website, Manga Plus, and also from the Shounen Jump app on android and on IOS as well. We request you to use only the legal and legit websites to read the manga as it will promote the creators.

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