Black Clover Chapter 269 Release Date, Recap, Read Online Spoilers, & Where to Read Online?

Black Clover Chapter 269 Release Date 

Black Clover Chapter 269 Release Date, Recap, Read Online Spoilers, & Where to Read Online?: We might be close to finding out about Asta’s parents. There were some instances in the latest chapter that resulted in internet meltdown. Half of the community is sure that the woman we saw in the chapter is Asta’s mother, and if that is the case, it is enormous. It was clear that Asta’s demon is not his father and is more like his brother. If what the internet says is true, the dynamic of the show will be so much different. We can see so many things and it all will be unique. Black Clover is becoming one of the best shonen manga out there and you can’t deny that.

Black Clover Chapter 268 Recap

Asta says that being a devil doesn’t mean you are a terrible person. After that, we got into the flashback of the devil standing in front of Asta. We saw that Asta’s devil was the lowest in the pecking order because he doesn’t have any power. He was thrown out of the underworld just because he was weak, and he ended up in the human world. He was weak and powerless, but still, humans feared him, and he had to run till he couldn’t move.

My Light In This Dark World

When he opened his eyes, he was on a bed in a house. A girl named ‘Licita’ took care of him. She found him unconscious and took him to her house. Devil asked if she is not afraid of him? Lictia told him that who would be afraid of a little kid like him. Because of her power to steal everyone’s magic, she has to live outside the village and invite the devil to stay with him. She named him Liebe, and she changed his whole life. He was happy.

End Of My World!!

Just when everything was going right, suddenly one-day, one of the highest devil, Lucifero, came out of Liebe’s body. He was looking for him so that he can manifest his own body in the human world. Licita fights Lucifero and starts absorbing Lucifero’s magic. She shouts that this time she isn’t letting go. We saw a small panel where Licita was abandoning her child when he was still a baby. Lucifero stabs Licita, but she was able to pull Liebe out of there. She used her magic to seal Liebe in the five-leaf grimoire so that he can be safe and can become strong. She called Liebe her son and sealed him. Back to the present, and Liebe is in a fury. He was saying that Devils are scum, and he will kill them all. He will even steal Asta’s body to do so, but he will kill them all.

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Black Clover Chapter 269 Release Date 

The next chapter is scheduled to release on October 25, 2020. A new chapter is released every Friday if there is no delay in the schedule.

Black Clover Chapter 269 Predictions

We might see more of Liebe’s backstory and his point of view. The fight between Asta and Liebe will also become more intense. But overall, the next few chapters of Black Clover will be intense and exciting.

Black Clover Where To Read

You can read Black Clover from the Viz media official website, Manga Plus, and also from the Shounen Jump app on android and on IOS as well. We request you to use only the legal and legit websites to read the manga as it will promote the creators.




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