Black Clover Episode 134 Release Date, Preview, & Spoilers Read Here

Black Clover Episode 134

Black Clover Episode 134 Release Date, Preview, and Spoilers: Black Clover episode 133 was postponed so much due to the ongoing crisis our world is in now, but now that the episode is finally out, and the show is back to its normal schedule, let’s look at what actually happened and what will happen in the future. Episode 130-134 are anime original canon episodes.

This means that they are original episodes and are official but only for anime as none of these things happened in the manga. So right before the anime was about to feature the major timeskip training arc they decided to show us an anime original story. The story will continue and then one of the most major storylines of Black Clover will follow it.

Black Clover Episode 133 Recap

A team of six members from both the Crimson Lions and Black Bulls were sent underground to search Ultime-Volcano Mountain Trail which is a Grand Magic Zone. Asta and Noelle retreated after messing up, Luck and Magna finds living treasure chests and Leopold and Randall are attacked by the monstrous spider and the stone golems in the center of the trail. With Black Bulls coming to their aid Leopold beats the remaining spider and golems. After that Secre discovers the magic tool used to make normal spider into monsters. And when they all were leaving Asta and Leopold had to stay back as they damaged the magic tools. The next day they both returned empty-handed, but Black Bulls fly back to their base.

Black Clover Episode 134 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 134 will release on 14th, July 2020. And now that there is no delay in the schedule we hope that Black Clover will return back to its normal schedule once again. Black Clover is gonna reach one of the most anticipated arcs in the next episode so we don’t want to wait much for it. A tweet by the official Black Clover page indicated that a new episode will be released every Tuesday.

Black Clover Episode 134: Spoilers and Predictions

Mereoleona is waiting for the Black Bulls on their base. Anime is gonna catch up to the manga really soon. Black Clover Episode 134 spoilers are already out in some way. A preview of 20 seconds was uploaded on youtube which showed Asta and other members in a church where we saw everyone talking and a voice of priest in the background was indicating that something major was about to happen. A ceremony of The House Vermillion that is as important as life or death. We might also see the entry of a big hotshot in the latest episode, a girl, someone from Noelle family, as she looked really worried.


Black Clover Episode 134: Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episode of Black Clover on Crunchyroll as soon as they are released and if you want to watch English dub of the episode Funimation air the show right after its official release. We request you to use only these two platforms as it will support the creators of the anime.

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