Entertainment - Celebs - Bobby Misner Dad – Tom Misner Biography and Career

Bobby Misner Dad – Tom Misner Biography and Career

Bobby Misner Dad - Tom Misner Biography and Career

For almost 40 years, Bobby Misner’s Dad, Tom Misner, has been synonymous with the music industry. He has made contributions to the industry as a producer and engineer. He has the potential to be both an educator and a businessman.

Tom Misner has several years of experience in the music industry as a guitarist, engineer, artist, educator, and entrepreneur. He is also the founder and CEO of SAE Institute, the World’s largest and most innovative media education company, which has transformed the training room for sound, video, and photo news content providers in over 27 countries.

Bobby Misner Dad - Tom Misner Biography and Career
Bobby Misner Dad – Tom Misner Biography and Career

Bobby Misner Dad- Tom Misner Career and Biography

Tom loved music and wanted to learn how to run a small business. His love culminated in the building blocks associated with the World’s largest hence the many wealthy businesses delivering innovative news education. It was called SAE Institute. 

As a result of this revolutionary organization, the field of film, sound, and illustration education has been forever changed. He grew this institute to include over 27 countries.

Tom is most known for his work in international education, for which he received an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University in 2001. He has invested in and quietly supported the commercial sector and artists for over 20 years. 

Among his notable efforts are the purchase and restructuring of Studios 301 in the late 1990s and his 2005 rescue of AMS Neve.

As an engineer, producer, and performer, Tom has worked on over 100 recordings. Tom Misner and Jochen Veith worked to acoustically design the new Studios 301, which will be one of the World’s premier facilities.

After selling SAE in 2011, Tom sold his Australian business interests and re-acquired Studios 301 in 2017.  Studios 301 has provided the best services (recording, mixing, mastering, digitization, and more) to the Australian and global music industries for many years.

Regarding their professional employment, Tom used to run an agreement cleaning service for their spouse. Later, in 1976, he formed the SAE Institute and has been devotedly acting as a businessman, a superb noise engineer, and record producer for nearly four decades. 

Tom is renowned as an expert in global education, for which he got an honorary doctorate from Middlesex University in 2001.

He has been purchasing commercial music performers for more than two decades. The acquisition and restructuring of Studios 301 in the late 1990s and their rescue of AMS Neve in 2005 are just a few of their well-known efforts. 

He has contributed to over 100 records as an engineer, producer, and performer. He has been Australia’s greatest authority on music recording, mastering, and digitizing for decades.

Tom Misner's Private Life

He met Kathy Falls in 1972, with whom he had two children. Until 1976, he and his wife Kathy had a cleaning contracting business. Furthermore, their son is Robert, also known as Bobby Misner, born on May 6, 1995, in Australia, and their daughter is Yasmin. Furthermore, his son Bobby became popular after their film “LIFE of a BILLIONAIRE’S SON” went viral on social media.

The young socialite has a different lifestyle and is considered a YouTube sensation. Aside from that, Bobby has also modeled for several brands and accumulated considerable money. The Net worth of Bobby Misner is $7 million.

Bobby Misner Dad Tom Misner Net Worth 2023

The millionaire businessman owns a massive amount of money and property all around the World. He’s developed various residences and organizations under his name and earns a good living. Misner’s net worth is believed to be $700million.

He had a passion for music from a young age and a strong desire to make money, which people close to him believe originated from his modest background.

He set his sights on bigger business ventures after establishing his cleaning company with his wife, Kathy. In 1976, he established the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute in Sydney with just one classroom—a modest advertising studio.

He expanded it into four further campuses in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane between 1976 and 1982. Misner’s SAE empire had grown to include London, Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Zurich, Cologne, Stockholm, Milan, and New Zealand, United States, India, and Southeast Asia by 2000.

Tom Misner Nationality

Misner was born in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, in 1955 and will be 65 years old in 2021. In 1969, he moved to Australia with his mother, Inge, when he was 14. His mother, a successful restaurant, was the driving force behind their vast domain. Misner dropped out of senior high school when he was fifteen. He is currently an Australian citizen.

Misner wasn’t finished yet

When he sold the SAE Institute to Navitas in 2010, it expanded to 27 countries. New campuses would launch in Indonesia and Romania, and Tom’s attention would be drawn to Studios 301.

Studios 301 would be a cutting-edge audio and event space meant to be one of the World’s best acoustic locations for musicians, artists, producers, and sound engineers.

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