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Threadfest 2022

Patriots, get ready! From April 22 to April 25, 2022, Patrick Gunnels of Reading Epic Threads and Patel Patriot of the Devolution Series will host a three-day deep dive extravaganza at the incredible The Inn at Opryland in Nashville, TN! Even as we speak, speakers are being lined up. As plans come together, we will update this site on a regular basis. Participate in this event to support a conservative cause and to celebrate love.

Venue And Address of the THREADFEST 2022

The awe-inspiring Gaylord Opryland, located on the banks of the Cumberland River, welcomes you to experience all of Nashville’s energy and excitement!

Screenshot of Gaylord Opryland Hotel, 2800 Opryland Drive37214 Nashville, TN

The 9-acre indoor gardens and beautiful waterfalls will take your breath away.  The address of the event is Gaylord Opryland Hotel, 2800 Opryland Drive37214 Nashville, TN. A map is provided, you can check it out.

Timing of the THREADFEST 2022

The event will start on Friday, 04/22/2022 – 3:00pm to Monday, 04/25/2022 – 8:00pm.

Book Your Tickets for the THREADFEST 2022

You can go to the official website of the Threadfest show and buy tickets for the event. You can buy many tickets as you want and be a part of this event.

Watch live Stream THREADFEST 2022

Those who cannot attend the event can watch the live stream from the official website of the Threadfest show or world wire.

Who are the Speakers for THREADFEST 2022

Patrick Gunnels- He is an American news researcher and professional as well as the creator of the “Reading Epic Threads” program on various social media. He has been tutoring students in maths at all levels for over twenty years. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Mathematics. He also perfected the skill of reading poetry, particularly Claude Bernardin’s. He currently lives in Houston, Texas, where he supports the return of Donald John Trump, our former and future President.

  • Patel Patriot- He is a former Catholic School fundraiser who now raises his two children in the upper Midwest. Patel Patriot never considered himself to be particularly political.


But after watching the incidents of the 2020 election unfold, he set out to figure out how Trump could have gotten away with an obvious election. What he discovered surprised him, and it gave him great comfort to know that there is more going on behind the scenes and that Donald Trump is far from finished. In the Devolution Series, he has taken his research and detailed it.

  • Ann Vandersteel- host of SteelTruthTM, is a “new media” thought leader. In 2020, Ann teamed up with Producer Liz to relaunch SteelTruthTM as a top-tier prime-time television investigative and news analysis weeknight show on the best of the mainstream media.


SteelTruthTM is a news magazine that focuses on topics that are often overlooked or misrepresented by the mainstream media, delivering hard-hitting content in a better format that covers news, money, health, and more, with experts bringing information you won’t find anywhere else. This format enhances  Ann’s reputation as a trustworthy investigative citizen journalist with A-List guests and sources who are dedicated to uncovering and being able to share complex stories while also giving opinions and solutions.

  • Brian Cates- He is a columnist and political commentator. He contributes with his own  Rise of the Media Distribution, and The Epoch Times on a regular basis. He also contributes to UnCover DC and X22 Report on occasion. He is most active on his Platform, where he updates his over 67,000 followers on a regular basis.

Brian Cates

He has a Twitch live stream, regularly posts to his Rumble channel, and is the founder of the community. Shortly after the death of Andrew Breitbart in March 2012, Brian entered the political arena. He was no longer satisfied sitting on the sidelines and watching, so he jumped into the fray and quickly became known on Twitter for his long threads on a variety of topics.

  • J.B. White- He is the founder and owner of a Media platform, LLC, and he currently splits his time between Jacksonville and Tallahassee, Florida. His professional experience includes positions as an analyst with the Florida Legislature and a variety of government agencies. He is now semi-retired.

J. B White

He has also recently served on the Board of Directors of CREOLE, Inc., a Florida nonprofit devoted to supporting the development of an agribusiness sector in northern Haiti that will help the country feed itself. He is currently working on a self-published book called The OODA Loop President: Donald Trump and His Project to Save the American Republic. He is a native Floridian from Orange Park and a U.S. Army veteran. It is set to be released in April of 2022.

  • Joann Pappas- She is a painter, poet, freedom writer, and Christian friend. After witnessing the world caught in the jaws of death, she turned down profitable positions in the NYC art scene.

Joann Pappas is now convinced that the time for the Ethnic Renaissance has arrived after many years of intention. To this end, she is committed to inspiring saver creativity.

  • Julie Lavender- She is a unique combination of journalist, author, musician, and public speaker. She’s a soulful singer-songwriter who also happens to be a formally trained guitarist and pianist. Julie is a studio pro, the producer of a national jazz radio show, and an influencer who thrives on being creative and connecting with her audience. Julie was once paralyzed by stage fright.

She now has a passion for helping others overcome their fear and anxiety as a survivor of crippling performance anxiety. Julie is a patriot who uses a multi-dimensional approach to help people overcome their paralyzing fears so they can take the stage in their own stories and rise to fulfil their roles in the world.

  • Kate Awakening-Through her findings, information sharing, and weekly live chats, Kate Awakening became a leading voice in the new wave of citizen journalists who help people navigate the Great Awakening. ‘We The Media’, which she co-founded recently, seeks to connect people with respected brands in some movement, important news, and honest analysis.

Katie Awakening

Every Tuesday night at 6 p.m. pacific, Kate welcomes a live chat on her YouTube channel “The Kate Awakening,” in which she tries to bring positivity and clarification to current events while also separating the facts from the fake news.

  • L – On March 9, 2020, L posted a thread on Twitter detailing Covid-19 case data. She had around 200 followers at the time and only expected about 20 people to see it. There were no daily overviews detailing everything at the time. In the same way that ESPN reports baseball scores, CNN did not have the case and death count having to scroll across their screen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It was all mysterious, hazy, and ominous. It was all planned. Her life was changed by the thread she started in early March 2020. It went viral overnight, giving this Alabama noob a small platform to share information from. Not only that, but people were so supportive of her quest for the truth that she decided to keep going.

  •  LaLa Deaton- is a musician and big band jazz singer-songwriter with two studio albums, and numerous awards. Formerly of Sweetwater Rose, LaLa began her solo recording career in 2016 with the release of her pop/country EP Dare.

LaLa Deaton

She followed this up with her critically acclaimed, all-original, 1940s-style, self-produced big band Christmas song, Christmassing: New Classics for the Old Soul, in 2021. LaLa made her Grand Ole Opry debut in 2018, sharing the stage with TV star and co-writer Charles Esten.

  • Matthew Trump- He is a physicist with a PhD who enjoys organising conferences as well as lecturing on cutting-edge topics in electromagnetism and space physics. His website at the University of Texas Centre for Statistical Mechanics was once the top search result for the term “chaos.”

Matthew Trump

His interests include studying the history of American diplomacy and statecraft, as well as watching and discussing classic Hollywood films. He was a Wikipedia administrator in the past and contributed over 1000 original articles to the site. He was born and raised in Iowa.

Many other speakers are also joining the event.

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