Boost Mobile Military Discount – How To Save

Boost Mobile Military Discount - Save Money

Looking for the Boost Mobile military discount? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

This article covers detailed information about the Boost Mobile military discount, eligibility criteria, application process, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started –

What Is Boost Mobile Military Discount?

Boost Mobile offers a military discount to deployed members in foreign countries.

Boost Mobile markets this program in the name of Deployed Military Program. Therefore, this service can be claimed by only the military members who are deployed overseas.

Does Boost Mobile Offer a Military Discount?

Yes. Boost Mobile offers a military discount called the Deployed Military Program.

How To Sign Up for the Deployed Military Program

You can contact the Boost Mobile customer support team to sign up for the Deployed Military Discount. You can call them at 1-833-502-6678.

You can follow the steps instructed below to get the discount –

  • Call on the number mentioned above. Keep the relevant information before you call them is mandatory, such as a phone plan, the period you will be deployed overseas, etc.
  • Boost Mobile customer service representatives should work on enrolling you in the program.
  • You will get an email with the program’s information when you enroll.

With the program, they will have your account suspended for the mentioned period. However, they will not terminate the contract.

The discount can be claimed only over the phone. However, you can still call customer service to check if the options are available in-person or online.

What Happens to My Account After Enrolling in the Deployed Military Program?

After enrollment, a confirmation email will be sent to your email describing the details of the program. Once the enrollment is done, your account will be suspended.

Your mobile service provider will not incur any charges as long as you are enrolled in this program. Furthermore, you are not required to add money to your account. Plus, if you are enrolled in AutoPay, it will get canceled.

When you return, you will have to enroll again in AutoPay after restoring your account. You will be glad to know that any bonuses, credits, or other awards will remain on your account.

You will already know when this service is going to expire. So, if you want to renew the service, you will have to contact the representatives to extend it. Remember, if your account is canceled, you risk losing your phone number and the remaining balance.

If there is insurance on your handset, it will be canceled. Besides, it cannot be added to the current handset.

However, after return, if you get a new handset, insurance can be added at that time.

Will It Cost the Members To Participate in the Program?

No, there is no cost incurred to participate in Boost Mobile deployed military program.

What Is the Length of Time Allowed for the Program?

You can enroll in the program for up to 990 days. If you are nearing the end of the program and are deployed again, or if your deployment ends early, you have to call the Boost Mobile customer service center to extend or reduce the number of days.

What Will Happen if the Discount Is Approaching Its End Date?

When the program ends, Boost Mobile will send you notifications through email to contact Boost Mobile customer service about your enrollment. Therefore, providing them with a valid email address to contact is recommended.

Besides, you need to contact their customer service before the end date to ensure you do not lose your phone number and any balance remaining on your account.

What Can Be Expected When the Enrollment in the Program Ends?

When your enrollment in the program ends, you can expect the following –

The plan’s cost will be changed after your return. The price of the plan will depend on the plans available at the time.

Get ready to add money to the account because as soon as you restore the service, you will be charged according to your chosen plan.


Who can claim the Boost Mobile Military Discount?

Military service members who will be deployed overseas can claim the Boost Mobile military deployment program.

Can the program be claimed by who has been dishonorably discharged?

No, the program is not made for dishonorably discharged members. Note that military discounts are not available to members with dishonorable discharge with virtually any company.

Can the Boost Mobile Military Discount be combined with other discounts?

Boost Mobile is not clear about if this discount can be combined with other discounts. However, you can ask about it when you are on a call with the Customer Care representative.

Can the family members of those who are eligible for the discount claim its benefits?

No. This program is specifically designed for US military members who are deployed overseas.

Will my account be permanently changed if I use the Boost Mobile Military Discount?

Boost Mobile states that you might have a change in the monthly bill after restoring the service. The increase will be in the amount that must be paid monthly for the service.

What to do if I forget my program end date?

If you forget your program’s end date, call the Boost Mobile representative. Then share your PIN with the agent to help them provide your account information.


Boost Mobile offers a great benefit to military members who are deployed by freezing their mobile services, enabling them to save on mobile services they are not using.

Unfortunately, they do not offer this as a Boost Mobile Military Discount. However, their Deployment Military Program could help military members save hundreds of dollars.

However, Boost Mobile services can be easily signed up for and can be canceled after the deployment is over.

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