Boruto Chapter 51 Release Date Preview, Spoilers, & Where To Read?

Boruto Chapter 51 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 51 Release Date Preview, Spoilers, & Where To Read?: Things are heating up in Konoha village, aren’t they? So, Boruto was the key to beat Isshiki all along and we didn’t realize it. That is some good things right there. I don’t know why fans are angry and saying that so many panels are wasted on Amado. I really think that it will be important for Kawaki and how he will act. And now that we know that Isshiki can’t kill Boruto now, the power of our heroes should increase considerably. But there is a feeling that Naruto or someone is going to die soon. We already know that Naruto will die, but they have teased the death of Sasuke so much that it will be really obvious. So, it might be just a trick to throw us off.

Boruto Chapter 50 Recap

Boruto teleports Isshiki, Naruto and Sasuke to an unknown place that he doesn’t know. He told Naruto that he didn’t want to see Konoha getting destroyed. Ishiki jumps on Boruto, and before Naruto could save him, Boruto was in the air with Ishiki. Isshiki told Boruto that his power had progressed further than expected. Sasuke used his Rinnegan to swap places with Boruto and attacks Ishiki, but he avoided every single of his attack and landed a lethal blow. Ishiki told them that he will finish all of them now and here so that he can deal with Kawaki without any problems. Naruto uses his chakra mode and starts attacking.

You are free Kawaki!

Meanwhile, Kawaki opens his eyes in the safe place of Konoha. Amado told him he is safe here, for now. Shikamaru said to him that Isshiki is off his back now. But Kawaki told him he would come back so how is he free. Shikamaru said to him that Naruto and Sasuke would take care of him. Meanwhile, Naruto and Sasuke are attacking Isshiki and just when they had a strong hand, Isshiki used some new power to get them off his back. Isshiki targets Sasuke and was going to kill him with a sword when Boruto starts running to save him.

Boruto is the key!!!

We cut to Konoha where Shikamaru just got the notification that Isshiki’s chakra has vanished suddenly. Kamado figured out that Boruto had taken him to some unknown place and is using Karma sealing Jutsu. We cut again to the battlefield, and we see Boruto picks Sasuke up and saved him. Boruto told that he figured out that Isshiki that he can’t hit him and at Konoha Kamado told everyone that Boruto is the key to win the battle.

Boruto Chapter 51 Release Date

Boruto releases one chapter every month. That’s why every chapter of Boruto is almost 40 pages long. The next chapter will be out on October 20, 2020.

Boruto Chapter 51 Preview And Spoilers

Any types of preview or spoilers or Raw Cuts will be released few days2-3 days before the official release of the chapter. And right now predicting this manga is really hard, as it is one of the most unpredictable manga I have ever read. We all know that Naruto and Sasuke will die at some point in the manga, it might happen now, as Sasuke told Boruto in this chapter that “Both Naruto and Him are ready to die for Konoha” and that is a bad sign. Still, we have to wait for a month now to see what will happen.

Boruto Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Boruto on the Viz official site or on Shounen Jump official app. We advise you to use the only legal site to read the manga as it will help the creators.

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