Boruto Episode 160 Release Date, Recap, Spoilers, & Where to Watch? (Latest Updates)

Boruto Episode 160 Release Date

Boruto Episode 160 Release Date: Boruto anime is also picking up the pace that was missing at the start. The manga counterpart of the anime is already loved by most of Naruto fans and anime is getting back on the track as well. The last episode was also that kind of episode. Even though it was an original and was not the part of the manga, the anime is doing some pretty good work with the arc.

Boruto Episode 160

The Kara expansion arc of the anime is the right idea and is executed pretty well too. Boruto anime has a dark tone for the last few episodes and fans are really loving it.

Boruto Episode 159 Recap

Episode 159 of the anime was titled “The Hashirama Cell”. At the start of the Team 7 is fighting against Anato. Due to the virus, Anato is considerably strong and was beating the team easily. Other members decided that they will have to harm Anato to stop him but Boruto said that he will not harm him.

Konohamaru also agrees with Boruto and both of them bind him with the paralysis jutsu but Anato was able to break that Jutsu. Victor was watching everything from above. Anato hits Boruto and Boruto starts bleeding. Mitsuki was angry from the events and attacks Mr.Anato and one of Mitsuki’s snake bites off Anato arm. Victor’s men attack Anato and he told Konohamaru that he will take things from here and will take care of Anato.

Boruto is sad that he was not able to keep his promise to Mia. Mitsuki notices that something weird is happening to his hand. Meanwhile, Victor is in the lab where Anato did his research. Victor wants data from Anato’s body and researchers said that they can not find data from Anato’s body and then Victor told them to kill Anato as he is of no use to him now.

Another person comes and told Victor that someone has stole the data and ran off and Victor told him that we have to catch him. Meanwhile, Konohamaru told Boruto that they have to go back when Mitsuki fainted and everyone went and check on her. Boruto carries Mitsuki to a doctor nearby and her name is Dr.Rubina. She is really an unorthodox doctor. She treats Boruto and starts Mitsuki’s treatment and cures him too.

Yubina talks Mitsuki about his body and then shows them a girl who is also infected by Hashirama’s cell and she has kept her in jutsu to slow down the deterioration. And she takes Mitsuki’s anti-bodies to treat the girl. Yubina told them there is something making big noises in Black Market and everyone decides to check that and the only black-market nearby the area is in Land Of Silence.

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Boruto Episode 160 Release Date

Boruto Episode 158 will release on 9 August 2020. A new episode is released every Sunday if there is no delay in the schedule.

Boruto Episode 160 Preview And Spoilers

A 40-second preview of the next episode is released and it showed us some glimpse of the next episode.


Everyone is heading towards Land Of Silence to retrieve the Hashirama’s Cell. Land Of Silence is a lawless area and it will be a really hard mission for the Genins.

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