Bridget Phetasy Net worth, Life, Age, Marriage, Family and much more

Bridget Phetasy Net-worth

Bridget Phetasy You know those personalities that just struck you if you see or listen to them even once? Bridget Phantasy is one of those personalities. She is a journalist, writer, comedian, and broadcaster. People who say that women can’t stand up, should go and watch her for once. She has been dedicated and loyal to her field for a very long time.

Bridget is also one of those motivational persons and you can take so much from her life. She is a recovered drug addict and she doesn’t shy away from agreeing to it. She is a top speaker and publisher in The Federalist, New York Post, Huff Post, and MEL magazine. And she became a household name in America after her various podcast appearance, where she mixed humor in such a way that everyone fell for her. She also has some guest appearances in Felicity, Traffic Jam, and Vampire Slayer.

Bridget Phetasy Age

Bridget was born on November 15, 1978. She is currently 42 years young and lives in Los Angeles with her family.

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Bridget Phetasy Career

Bridget was born in Connecticut, USA. She grew up in a catholic family and completed her degree from an Ivy League College. Her parent’s divorce was really rough on her and that was the point she started using drugs and alcohol. It was her way to cope with the stress. But eventually, she realized that it was too much and went into rehab at the age of 19. She came to the other side victorious. This was the time when she evolved a peculiar love for writing and acting and decided to try her luck. Bridget took acting classes in Minneapolis.

She wanted everyone to know about her struggles so that everyone can be motivated and know that they are not alone. She has spoken publicly on various issues. Many of her articles related to sexual problems are published in Play Boy magazine. Bridget has traveled across the whole world and one of the interesting stories is that she got involved in a sex cult during this tour. She has also started her own company Phetasy.com.

Bridget Phetasy Husband and Family

There are no specific details about her husband. But she was in an open marriage with her husband, whose name is still not revealed to this date. She doesn’t like to open up much about her personal life. After they decided that they were not compatible enough both of them got divorced and set their ways apart. So, Bridget is now a single, successful woman.

She has one brother and three sisters. Only her youngest sister is known to the world and her name is Vanessa she is a wedding planner and a nanny.

Bridget Phetasy

Bridget Phetasy Height

Bridget Phetasy is 5’5 feet or 165 cm tall. She weighs around 60kg. She looks stunning with her hazel eyes and her fashion sense is considered one of the best.

Bridget Phetasy Net Worth

Her net worth is something around 500k US Dollars. She is still pretty young and is rocking every field she steps her foot in. So we can see her worth increasing in the coming years as she shows no sign of stopping.

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