Bryan Cranston to return on television with “Your Honor” limited series; Check all details and trailer:

Your Honor

“Your Honor” is a 10 part limited series that will come soon on the television screens. This show will remind you of the brilliant performance of Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. The series is an adaptation of an Israeli television series Kvodo. Ron Ninio and Shlomo Mashiach create the series, and we will look into more details about “Your Honor.”

“Your Honor” release date and where to watch?

“Your Honor” is a 10 episode limited series that will be airing in December 2020. The series will air on Showtime with Bryan Cranston as the lead role. The trailer of the series is out, and it is giving us significant vibes from Breaking Bad. Because the trailer reminds us of Bryan “Walter White” that he played in Breaking Bad. The trailer looks like White is playing the character here, and he is back again. Bryan Cranston will be seen playing a Judge whose life gets tangled in a problematic situation. Watch the trailer here to get a peek into how the series will look?

The cast of “Your honor” TV series:

Bryan Cranston
Hunter Doohan as Adam
Michael Stuhlbarg as Tommy
Sofia Black-D’Elia as Frannie
Carmen Ejogo as Lee Delamere
Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Charlie
Hope Davis as Gina
Lilli Kay as Fia
Amy Landecker as Nancy Costello
Tony Curran as Frankie
Keith Machekanyanga as Little Mo
Lamar Johnson as Kofi Jones
Benjamin Flores Jr. as Eugene Jones
Margo Martindale as Senator Elizabeth Guthrie

Plot/ Storyline for “Your Honor” series:

According to Showtime, the description of the series is as follows:
“The series is a legal thriller that rips through all of New Orleans society. Bryan Cranston will star as a renowned judge whose son gets involved in a hit-and-run that runs to a high-stake game of lies, deceit, and impossible choices.” It is pretty evident by now that Bryan Cranston will deal with a lot of things as he goes through the case as a judge. Thus everyone is expecting a lot of thrill and drama from the series. And of course, watching Bryan on screens will be a delight for everyone.

The official synopsis of the series read, “The 10-episode legal thriller stars Cranston as Michael Desiato, a respected New Orleans judge whose teenaged son Adam gets involved in a hit-and-run which leads to a high-stake game of lies, deceit and impossible choices. Coming to SHOWTIME this December!” This is all that we know so far about the plot of the series “Your Honor.”


“Your Honor,” starring Bryan Cranston, is ten parts limited series. The series will air in December 2020 on Showtime. The series looks dark, fast-paced, and a sequence filled with power-packed performances. The trailer sets high expectations from the series, and let’s wait for the final date of release to be out. Until then, stay tuned to world wire, we bring the latest from the entertainment industry and web series.

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