Bulandshahar: Mob attacks a Sikh Youth Throws his Turban in Sewerage, Check Why?

An unusual video about community violence appeared in which you can see how a Hindu group attacks a Sikh youth and insults his community.

The episode occurred in the city of Sherpur, Bulandshar district, in the province of Uttar Pradesh on June 14, according to Sikh24.ru.

The episode occurred when on June 14, two Sikh teenagers drove through the city of Sherpur when their car got out of nowhere and knocked to the vehicle of another teenager, who is a resident of a similar town.

After this, there was a hot conversation in disagreements between different parties, after which the youth from the neighboring city called people from their tribe and attacked the Sikh youth.

Mob attacks a Sikh Youth

To save his life from the group, one of these Sikh teenagers took his Kirpan to protect himself, although the locals called the police.

At that moment, when the police appeared there, another Sikh youth began an oral discussion to settle the fight; however, local residents started to attack him in the field of view of the police.

The aggressors expelled his turban and threw him into the nearest open sewer. They also pulled the hair of Sikh youth during this attack.

Mob attacks a Sikh Youth

After this incident, a stream of Sikhs cleared a Sikh group of people living in neighboring regions. On June 15, nearby Sikh Gairauly and Dhanaura organized a committee near the local police department, demanding that the aggressors be charged.

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